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Castaways Comment on Their Auction Experience

Raw emotions

The castaways comment on the intense auction that Jeff Probst hosted. Hear what they had to say with these exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from Episode 10.

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Season 30's Spunkiest Player Heads to Ponderosa

Her Q&A with Cochran

The day after Jenn Brown's elimination, she sat down with former Survivor winner John Cochran to talk about quitting, the Will versus Shirin showdown, and the art of messing with people. This blog is a must-read for any Survivor fan.

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6 Moments That Left Everyone Thinking OMG


These unbelievable moments from the latest Survivor: Worlds Apart episode prove why even after 30 seasons, we never know what to expect from the Survivor cast, especially when things really start to heat up.

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Fun Facts About the "Soul to Squeeze” Challenge

What you didn't know

A collection of behind-the-scenes facts from the Survivor 30 Episode 10 "Soul to Squeeze" challenge.

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