Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

As SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS pushed forward, alliances were broken, innocent people were framed and a most unbelievable lie was forged before Tijuana Bradley, the 27-year-old pharmaceutical sales representative from St. Louis, Missouri, was sent home in a five to two vote. The ex-Morgan tribe member was sacrificed just a day before her birthday. Shortly after her torch was extinguished, an upbeat Tijuana explained, "For the rest of the tribe members in the game, I have no animosity to any of them. I made it to the Jury. I'm proud of myself. So, with that being said, peace."

After returning from the Tribal Council in which Rupert was voted out, Sandra Diaz-Twine the 29-year-old office assistant from Ft. Lewis, Washington, was furiously yelling at Jon Dalton, the 29-year-old art consultant from Danville, Virginia, for breaking their alliance. After Sandra's tirade, the tribe noticed that someone had thrown out their dinner, a bucket of fish caught earlier that day. The tribe blamed Christa Hastie, the 24-year-old computer programmer from Los Angeles, California, who emphatically denied it.

Christa was being framed. "I got up to camp first, and I grabbed the bucket full of fish, and it was so damn heavy. I tripped on a vine, and I spilled all the fish," confessed the real culprit, Sandra.

As the tribe converged for a Reward Challenge, host Jeff Probst explained that the competition involved a personal quiz about the Balboa tribe members, with the losers having to walk the plank into the ocean. But it wouldn't be the castaways who would have to walk the plank; it would be their loved ones! In an extremely emotional moment, Jeff reunited the tribe members with their loved ones, which included Sandra's husband, Christa's fiancé, Burton's mother, Lillian's husband, Tijuana's childhood friend, Darrah's boyfriend and Jon's best friend. Before the Challenge started, Jon was crushed to hear news from home that his grandmother had died.

Jeff explained that the Challenge would involve asking Survivors questions about themselves. Both the castaways and their loved ones would write down an answer; when the answers matched, that castaway would get to chose another's loved one to take a step towards walking off the plank. The last dry loved one would then get to live at the Balboa camp with his or her castaway for 24 hours as a reward.

The Challenge started with Sandra choosing Jon's best friend to take a step out on the plank. Jon took offense to this, because he wished to win the Challenge in order to hear details of his grandmother's passing. The first loved one sent jumping into the ocean was Sandra's husband, followed by Christa's fiancé, then Darrah's boyfriend, followed by Burton's mother and Tijuana's friend. With only Lillian's husband and Jon's friend left, it was up to Burton Roberts, the 31-year-old marketing executive from San Francisco, California, to decide which one would get to stay for the night. Considering Jon's unfortunate situation, Burton chose Lillian's husband, who became to the final loved one to jump from the plank into the ocean.

As Jon hugged his best friend, he learned that they would share the camp on their own. The rest of the Balboa tribe would not get any more time with their loved ones and would be banished to a separate remote island for the night with nothing but matches and a machete.

As the hungry tribe tried making the best of their new temporary home, Jon and his friend would get the Balboa camp to themselves. It was a sacrifice worth making as it was important for Jon to spend time with his friend, Dan, to hear details of his grandmother's passing. As Burton explained, "Jon's grandmother just passed, and we all kind of agreed that 'Hey, let's just let Jon take this.'"

Back at Balboa, Jon and his buddy, Dan, celebrated the fact that their deception had gone off without a hitch. In a preplanned move, Jon had had Dan lie about his grandmother's demise. "My grandmother's sitting home watching Jerry Springer right now," Jon smiled.