Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:30am

In a game-changing moment, Jason made a deal with his tribemates at the Immunity Challenge: give up Immunity by stepping out of the challenge and sharing his hard won food with the tribe if they all promised not to vote him out. The entire Dabu tribe, some with fingers crossed, agreed to protect him. Jason hesitantly stepped down from the challenge, leaving himself vulnerable. Back at camp, Ozzy and his alliance of James and Amanda were dead set on going back on their word and taking Jason out. But the other two members of their alliance, Parvati and Cirie, cut a deal with Alexis, Natalie, and Jason to blindside Ozzy and vote out the biggest threat in the game.

At Tribal Council, Ozzy didn't suspect the tribe was targeting him. Trusting his alliance to vote with him, Ozzy was stunned when Jeff read the votes and, one-by-one, his name came up. Ozzy Lusth was voted out of the game five votes to four and the 26 year-old photographer from Los Angeles, California left behind his final words: "I'm an idiot. I should have seen it coming, but I got too comfortable. I felt like I could trust the people in my alliance and it serves me right. I'm a fool. To whoever it was in my alliance that voted the other way, right now I pretty much hate you, so screw you basically."


A stunned Dabu tribe returns to camp after an astonishing Tribal Council in which Eliza had attempted to play a fake Idol, save herself and take out Ozzy. Stumbling in darkness to their cave, Parvati leads the tribe in interrogating Jason, asking, "Jason, what just happened? Did you give [Eliza] an Idol?" Jason confesses to the charge of trying to play the fake Idol, saying, "That's my only shot in the game." The Tribe's attention quickly turns from Jason to Ozzy, though, after Eliza had called him out at tribal as having made the fake Idol and possessing the real one. Cirie begins to wonder what would have happened if Jason and Eliza's plan had worked and Ozzy had gone home instead. "It might not have been such a bad thing," she says mischievously.


Jason watches the sunrise over the beach at Dabu and contemplates his position in the tribe. He feels a little foolish having been duped by Ozzy the previous night and sees winning challenges as his only hope to stay in the game. Jason boldly declares, "I feel like I could fare pretty well as long as I continue to beat Ozzy.”


The Dabu tribe arrives at the Reward Challenge, where they are divided into two teams of four. One by one, members of each team will swim out to a multi-level tunnel of nets partially submerged in a lagoon and race through it. Once through the tunnel, they'll swim to a platform and study a collection of Micronesian symbols, memorizing their positions on the answer key. They will then make their way back through the net tunnel to the start and arrange duplicate symbols on an answer board in the same positions as the answer key on the platform. The first team to match all their symbols correctly wins the Reward: a flight to a neighboring island nation, Yap, where they will enjoy a local dance, feast, and spend the night in an ancient village, returning to their camp the following morning.

After a schoolyard pick the Survivors divide into two teams. The Purple team consists of Natalie, James, Parvati, and Alexis, and the Orange team of Jason, Erik, Ozzy, and Amanda. With an odd number of Survivors, Cirie is left without a team, disqualified from the challenge and sent to Exile Island. On "Go," Jason and Parvati hit the course for their teams. They race through the net tunnel, throwing themselves over barriers and across the watery nets to reach the platform with the symbol key on it. They study it intensely and race back, arranging the symbols on their team"s answer boards. Ozzy and Alexis head out next, followed by Erik and James. Both tribes begin to make headway on their answer boards. It comes down to Natalie and Amanda. Natalie beats Amanda back to the start, throwing symbols up on her board. Natalie announces to Jeff that she thinks she has it right. She and her tribe tensely wait for his word. They are wrong, and James is forced to hit the course once again for the Purple team. Amanda, scrambling to place the symbols in the right order, calls it for Orange. Jeff looks over their symbols, and they are correct. Orange team wins reward, sending Jason, Erik, Ozzy, and Amanda immediately aboard a plane for Yap.


The four Dabu members touch down on a tiny runway in the jungle and are greeted by a village elder. He leads them through a trail to an ancient village tucked away in the jungle. Erik looks around in amazement, marveling, "It was almost like this village had been there for millions of years." Surrounding a large ceremonial hut, tables laden with food of all kinds await them: roast pig, fruits, vegetables, and fish. The four starving Survivors pack huge platefuls of food into their bellies as the villagers welcome them with open arms, local beer and a few local customs. One custom Erik finds amusing is the fact that women in the village go topless like men. Erik finds it "culturally interesting" and jokes, "That's the most boobs I've probably seen in my whole life."


With their bellies full, the Survivors sit down to enjoy a dance performed by the villagers and Erik is struck by the rhythmic choreography, dancing along. Ozzy is impressed by Erik's childishness. "He's really just experiencing all this stuff for the first time and the innocence that he has," comments Ozzy, "it's wonderful." Erik asks one of the local men if he can try the betel nut, a type of local tobacco. They happily oblige and Erik chomps down on it as his mouth begins to tingle. However, he pays the price for all the local beer and betel nut. As the rest of the tribe sleeps comfortably in the hut, Erik suffers horrific stomach pains and rushes outside to empty his stomach by any means necessary. He yells back to the slumbering the tribe, "I partied a little too hard Micronesian-style. Beer and Betel Nut: not a good combination."


Cirie finds herself huddled, shivering in a ball on Exile Island. With rain pouring down on her, and thunder and lightning striking frenetically, Cirie is unable to keep a fire going, and is forced to sleep in the cold darkness. "This is not a good night, not a good night at all," she moans. As the sun rises, her situation is just as bleak. With no Idol to be found, believing it's in Ozzy's possession, Cirie complains there's nothing to gain on her stay at Exile Island. She hones in on Ozzy and his Idol, "Ozzy's a huge competitor and then to have the Idol on top of that, that increased his target like ten-fold. Maybe I'll have to work on getting rid of Ozzy and his Idol."


Morning at Dabu and the camp is pelted with rain. James tries to get work done as the girls, Natalie, Alexis, and Parvati, attempt to sleep in the cave. He breaks firewood by slamming it against nearby rocks and noisily sharpens the machete to the annoyance of his ally, Parvati. She reprimands him, "There's three people that are trying to sleep. It's kind of obnoxious. Seriously." James gathers his things and leaves the women in the cave. Walking through the heavy rain, soaked and angry at the way he was mistreated, he complains about working all night on the fire to keep them warm and getting yelled at for it. He angrily says about Parvati, "The actual gall to get up and tell somebody something and then lay your ass back down, that"s some nerve."


Ozzy, Amanda, Jason, and Erik return to Dabu in the pouring rain. They trek to the cave and find the girls just waking. James comes in out of the rain behind them as Ozzy talks about their endless feast. This immediately makes Parvati, Alexis, and Natalie jealous as he goes on and on in detail about how much food they ate. Parvati comments to Alexis, "[Ozzy] is such a little brat." The two commiserate about how annoying Ozzy's bragging is. Meanwhile, James warns Amanda that, "Parvati's tripping." James affirms that Parvati has indeed grown dangerously close to Alexis and Natalie and says, "She's in love with girl power." With questions about Parvati's allegiances, Amanda worries about Ozzy, saying, "Ozzy has to be careful because he is such a threat and they know he has the Idol."

Sitting on the beach away from the tribe, Jason confides in Erik his fears about the game. He worries that he won"t be around much longer unless he wins every single Immunity Challenge. Erik tells him that Ozzy"s getting ready to beat him at whatever challenge they have. Jason declares, "It'll be life or death for me."


Dabu arrives at the Immunity Challenge where Cirie rejoins the tribe from Exile Island. Host Jeff Probst explains the rules. In this challenge the Survivors will test their resolve. Standing on a log, with one of their hands raised above their head, they will be tethered to a line stretching up to a bucket filled with water perched over their head. If they drop their arm, or pull on the line, it will tip the bucket, dousing them with water and taking them out of the challenge. The last person left standing wins Immunity, and is guaranteed a one in eight shot at a million dollars.


The Survivors take their stands and tether in, each person with one arm raised above their head, trying to hold out the longest. After 20 minutes, Jeff reveals a big bowl of candy. "You guys have been out here a long time without sugar,"he says. Jeff promises the bowl of candy to the one who is bold enough to step down and out of the challenge. Cirie and Erik make a deal to share the candy and together they quit, yanking on their lines and spilling water all over each other. They mow down on the candy, watching everyone else sweat it out. 45 minutes in, Jeff comes out with something else behind his back and Alexis, too excited, jumps the gun, pulling her line and soaking herself before Jeff even offers the dish. The entire tribe laughs, and Jeff tells her there's no chance she"ll get the prize. She takes a seat on the bench, pouting, as Jeff reveals the plate of cookies and a tall glass of milk. Natalie, feeling dizzy, suddenly tumbles off her step, pulling her line and spilling water everywhere. James, laughing at the two girls, cries out, "That would suck!" Ironically, at that moment, he loses his concentration as well, pulling on his line and spilling his bucket of water. The challenge comes down to Ozzy, Amanda, Parvati, and Jason. After an hour, Jeff comes out with three chocolate glazed donuts. Ozzy doesn't hesitate, he drops his arm and yells, "I'll take it!" Ozzy opts out of the challenge for three donuts, leaving Amanda, Parvati, and Jason in the game. At five hours in, Amanda purposefully drops her arm, gets drenched, and runs into the jungle to relieve herself. Parvati and Jason are all that"s left. They face off; both determined to stay in the game. Six hours in, Jeff brings out a tray filled with goodies: three chocolate chip cookies, four doughnuts, a big tall jar of candy, peanut butter, two chocolate bars, a glass of milk, two beers, and a huge pizza. Whichever of the two steps down will share the goodies with the others sitting on the bench. Parvati teases Jason, "You could make friends!" The tribe agrees, telling Jason that if he steps down, they will spare him at Tribal Council. Jason asks for a guarantee from every single person in the game. The entire tribe promises he'll be safe at this night's Tribal Council, Cirie and Alexis with fingers crossed behinds their backs. Jason thinks about it for a moment, prays he's not making the biggest blunder in the game, and finally drops his arm. The bucket of water crashes down on Jason and Parvati wins Individual Immunity.


Jason arrives back at camp with his tribe, knowing he just took a huge risk giving up Immunity. He ponders, "It could be my biggest mistake in the game of Survivor, or, it could be my saving grace." Behind Jason's back, Ozzy tells Alexis that Jason "should have known better." He says Jason"s move is one of the dumbest moves in Survivor history and "he"s gonna go home." In the cave, Ozzy, James, and Amanda easily agree to ignore their promise to Jason and vote him out of the game. Ozzy smirks, "[Jason] just got outwitted." However, their ally, Cirie, has other ideas. With Ozzy looking the other way, dead-set on voting out Jason, Cirie realizes it's the perfect time to take Ozzy out. She holds a conference with Parvati, Natalie, and Alexis, telling them, "I think this will be a prime opportunity to get rid of Ozzy." The girls eagerly agree and decide not to tell Ozzy"s friends Amanda, James, or Erik.

Amanda and Parvati head back to the cave to meet with James and Ozzy. As the alliance of four talk about voting out Jason, Parvati looks around at her friends and weighs her decision. Knowing she can vote out Jason with her allies, or take a chance and vote out the biggest threat in the game Ozzy, she feels at an impasse. Ozzy has been with her since day one, and she moans, "God, what do I do?"Off in the bushes, James whispers to Ozzy that he"s worried about Parvati flipping on them and joining Alexis and Natalie. Ozzy, getting bad vibes, ponders, "In the last moment, I might just stuff the Idol in my bag. We"ll see what happens at Tribal. I might end up playing it just to be safe.”

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, Jason comes under fire for his risky decision at the Immunity Challenge. He defends his move, saying it"s unlikely he"ll win every challenge, and he needs to ingratiate himself with his fellow tribemates. Jason says, "It"s really just about crossing my fingers and hoping that these people are gonna stick to their word. I can only hope for the best."The tribe also turns their attention to Ozzy possessing the Hidden Immunity Idol. Jeff asks Ozzy if having the Idol puts a huge target on his back. "Of course, having the Idol is a huge thing in this game,"Ozzy admits. In the end, failing to realize that the tribe has targeted him, Ozzy opts not to play his idol. With that, Jason is saved and Dabu takes out Ozzy five votes to four. Ozzy, completely blindsided and betrayed, becomes the twelfth person out of the game, and the second member of the jury in SURVIVOR: MICRONESIA -- FANS VS FAVORITES.