Season 23: Episode 10 - Running the Show
Posted on Nov 17, 2011 12:00am

AJIM ARRIVES AT REDEMPTION On night twenty-four, Jim arrives on Redemption Island and is greeted by his old tribe mates Ozzy and Keith. Jim tells them that Whitney won immunity at the last challenge, while all the old Upolu and Cochran sat out and feasted. Jim says "The longer that Coach has them believing that that they're all one tribe, the more likely it is that he wins the million dollars." Keith guesses that Coach will bring Edna and Cochran to the end with him. Ozzy says, "I hate to say "˜I told you so,' gentlemen." TE TUNA RETURNS FROM TRIBAL COUNCIL Meanwhile, Te Tuna is arriving back to camp from Tribal Council. Coach tells the Te Tuna tribe that they were right to vote out Jim, since he was dangerous by being friendly but also willing to do anything to win. Coach assures the tribe that they will be a stronger family now and assures Dawn and Whitney that they have nothing to worry about. Coach reveals, "Anybody that's on the bottom of an alliance better not feel like they're on the bottom of the alliance or they're going to revolt and try to scramble to find themselves a better place in the game." Coach is trying to protect himself against a blindside by preaching unity to his tribe. Whitney is not buying it though. She knows that Coach is running things and is amazed that everyone else thinks that they are going to the end with Coach. Whitney vents, "I don't know how these smart people can be so stupid." COCHRAN & COACH The next morning, Coach teaches Cochran the fine art of tai chi on the beach. Cochran reveals, "As painful as it is for me to admit it, I am drinking the Coach Kool-Aid." Cochran feels that Coach is the leader of the tribe and therefore wants to stay on his good side. While on the beach, Coach says to Cochran, "I sometimes think I'm going to get blindsided." He is most worried about Albert and Brandon. Cochran then asks Coach if he is going to get voted out when only seven people are left. Coach assures Cochran that he will do all he can to make sure that doesn't happen, but reminds him that he is not in control of the game as people think. Hearing that Coach is concerned about the tribe and Albert in particular, Cochran admits, "I'm starting to get concerned about my place in this game." REDEMPTION DUEL: KEEP IT UP Keith, Ozzy and Jim enter the Redemption arena after the entire Te Tuna tribe takes their seats in the audience. Jeff Probst, the host, explains the rules of the duel. Each contestant will stretch out their arms and use the top of their hands to hold two poles against an overhead board. If they lower their hands even slightly, the poles will drop and they are out of the duel. Last person left standing stays alive in this duel with a shot at the million dollars. The two losers are out for good and become the first two members of the jury. Keith, Ozzy and Jim all successfully keep their poles upright for the first ten minutes of the challenge. At this point, Brandon reminds Jim to stay focused and tells Jeff that he is rooting for Jim to win. Whitney chimes in that she is rooting for Keith, but nobody claims to be rooting for Ozzy. Jeff comments, "Ozzy is on his own." A few minutes later, Jim drops his poles and is therefore out of the duel. Jim becomes the first member of the jury. After a few more minutes, Keith struggles to keep his poles upright, but loses the battle. So Keith becomes the second member of the jury. Ozzy wins the duel and therefore stays alive on Redemption Island. Ozzy tells Jeff and Te Tuna, "I sitting in the best place that I think that I could." Ozzy explains that he is eating well and doesn't have to depend on others at Redemption Island. He promises to welcome the next person to Redemption and then beat them at the next duel. OZZY ON REDEMPTION ISLAND The next day, Ozzy fishes and collects coconuts on Redemption Island. He is delighted not only with the abundant food, but also with the beauty of Redemption Island. Ozzy admits, "I'm really glad that the Te Tuna tribe is missing my skills." He is pretty sure that nobody from Te Tuna is able to fish and provide for the tribe like he did. They are all too busy playing the game of Survivor and watching their backs. Ozzy reveals, "If you have the skills and abilities like I do, you can come out here and you can really refresh, rejuvenate and get everything set to go to play the end game." He knows that he would not be as ready for the end of the game, if he had to constantly deal with the tribe. Ozzy adds, "The next couple people coming through Redemption are going to have a big challenge in front of them and that's me." DAWN TALKS TO COCHRAN Meanwhile, over at Te Tuna, Dawn talks to Cochran, while the rest of the tribe is out looking for food. Dawn reminds Cochran that she did not reveal his plan to vote against his Savaii tribe mates and hopes that Cochran will reward her by helping her to stay in the game. Dawn admits, "I'll do anything to stay in the game now." Cochran assures Dawn that he still would like to work with her. He also realizes that he would likely get more jury votes by switching back to work with Dawn and Whitney, rather than to blindly follow Upolu to the end. Cochran reveals, "Either way it's going to be a leap of faith." He has to either trust Upolu to take him to the end or to make a big move and jump back to supporting Savaii. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: PRICE ON YOUR HEAD The merged tribe arrives and takes their places on the mat. Jeff Probst explains the rules of this challenge. Each person will balance a bowl filled with rice on top of his or her head. They will then race across two teeter-totters and empty their rice into a container. If at any point, they touch the bowl while it's on top of their head or the bowl falls off, they have to go back to the start. First person to fill up their container wins immunity and is safe from Tribal Council tonight. Albert is the first one to drop his bowl of rice, as soon as he steps on the teeter-totter. Coach and Cochran drop their bowls of rice next and have to head back to the start. Rick loses his bowl of rice as soon as he gets to the middle of his teeter-totter. Dawn, Brandon and Sophie end up being the only ones to successfully get their first bowl of rice to the container at the beginning of the challenge. All three head back to the start to refill their bowls. Coach finally makes it to his container with his bowl of rice. No one else, besides those four have made it to their container yet. Brandon, Dawn and Sophie have continued success in balancing their rice bowls and getting them to the container, while the rest continue struggling. Sophie decides to fill her third bowl of rice to the top, so she will have to make less trips. Brandon and Dawn make it to their containers with their third bowls of rice before Sophie, but they aren't enough to fill the containers. Sophie played it smart and is able to fill her container with her third bowl and therefore win immunity. As Jeff places the immunity necklace on Sophie, he announces that they will be a twist announced at Tribal Council tonight. As Dawn walks away from the challenge, she is disappointed at not winning immunity and hopes that the twist will help her game. She says, "In this game anything can happen." THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Back at camp, Cochran checks in with Coach about the vote. Coach confirms that Dawn or Whitney will be voted out tonight. He feels that Dawn would win if allowed to make it to the end. Cochran suspects that the twist that Jeff mentioned at the challenge is a double elimination. He is concerned that if Dawn or Whitney gets voted out and then there is an immunity challenge at Tribal Council and he doesn't win it, but Dawn or Whitney does, then he could be voted out tonight. Cochran admits, "I'm a little bit nervous." Meanwhile Dawn and Whitney are together and feeling bad that neither one of them won the immunity challenge. Dawn has a feeling that she will be voted out tonight. She is not willing to give up hope though and says, "It's not over." Dawn and Whitney agree that they may have a chance, if they talk to Albert. Whitney admits, "Albert, at least, seems like a good guy." So Whitney and Dawn head over to talk to Albert alone. Whitney tells him that Coach will likely take Edna and Sophie to the end She tells him, "If somebody wants to turn this game around, now's the time." Dawn reminds Albert that she and Whitney are two votes that can help someone. Albert reveals, "Right now, I'm at a crossroads." Albert would like to get all of the old Savaii members to vote for him at the end. So he considers voting Edna out at this Tribal Council to win the favor of Dawn and Whitney by not voting them out. Albert also knows that Cochran would appreciate the fact that Edna is voted out before him, therefore winning Albert another vote. Albert tells Whitney that he feels she and Dawn deserve to stay much more than Edna, who has only ridden coattails in this game. His plan is to have Dawn, Whitney, Cochran and himself vote for Edna along with one more person, who he hopes will be Sophie. Coach and Brandon notice Albert talking to Whitney. Both of them are bothered by Albert breaking their alliance rules by talking with the enemy before a vote. Next, Albert talks to Cochran while they are playing checkers. Albert reveals to Cochran that he is going to be the target when only seven people are left. Cochran vents, "Albert just confirmed my suspicions." Cochran is upset that the alliance would vote him out before Edna, considering the fact that he was the one that saved the tribe in the first place. Albert reveals to Cochran that he has a plan to get Edna out before Cochran. Albert then goes to talk to Sophie and tells her the plan. Sophie sees the logic in Albert's plan and understands that it is an ideal time to make a big move with Dawn and Whitney's vote. Sophie admits, "In the end of the day, it's a question of what will take me to the end." Back at camp, Coach and Edna watch Albert go off with different groups of people. Coach realizes that Albert is working hard to get jury votes. Coach gathers his alliance together right before leaving for Tribal Council. He tells them, "If anybody goes against the five, it's instant death." Coach decides to try and keep his alliance together with fear. TRIBAL COUNCIL At the beginning, Dawn encourages the others who are at the bottom of the Upolu alliance to use her and Whitney's votes to get themselves further in the game. Whitney then brings up the fact that Cochran is at the bottom of the Upolu alliance in the seventh position. Cochran admits, "This is the ideal time to make a big move." Coach tells Jeff that he is very concerned that someone will make a big move tonight. He admits that the game can drive him crazy as he thinks constantly of all the possible scenarios that can happen in the game. Coach says, "Contrary to popular belief, I'm not running this alliance." Whitney notes that everyone seems to report back to Coach all the time, so it seems like to her that he is running things. Albert says, "I definitely don't think he's my leader or the leader of this group or alliance. He might just be a figurehead." Coach responds that he isn't the leader, but he loves to get information from people, because that provides power in the game. The vote is then taken. Two votes are cast for Edna and the rest for Dawn. So Dawn Meehan, the 41 year-old, English professor, from South Jordan, UT becomes the eleventh person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island. Jeff than announces the twist that they will immediately go into an immunity challenge with a vote to follow. IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: C.A.T. Jeff explains the rules of the challenge. He will ask a series of survival related questions. Whoever answers correctly stays alive. Anyone who gets it wrong is out of the challenge. They each then grab an answer cube located behind them. Jeff reads the first question: To prevent dehydration, it is recommended that Survivors drink how much purified water every day? A. One Pint; B. One quart; C. One gallon The correct answer is C. One gallon. Only Whitney, Cochran, Sophie, Coach and Brandon get it right. The second question asks them if the coconut crab got its name because its favorite food is coconut. The correct answer is true. Only three people get it right Whitney, Coach and Sophie. The next question asks what the soft edible flesh within the stalk of a fallen coconut is called. The correct answer is heart of palm. Coach is eliminated on that question, leaving only Sophie and Whitney to fight it out for immunity. The next question asks if giant South Pacific clams are dangerous and therefore should not be removed from the ocean. The answer is false and only Sophie gets it right. So Sophie wins individual immunity for a second time, much to Whitney's disappointment. TRIBAL COUNCIL SECOND VOTE Immediately, a second vote is taken. Whitney votes for Cochran, while everyone else votes for Whitney. So, Whitney Duncan, the 27 year-old, country music singer, from Nashville, Tenn. becomes the twelfth person voted out of SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC and sent to Redemption Island.