Immunity Blog: Episode 11
Posted on Apr 27, 2012 11:24am

BY ROB CESTERNINO (Survivor Amazon & All-Stars)

This week on Survivor: One World the camp was invaded by a wild pig. What's still unclear is if within minutes the pig had an alliance with Kim and was looking forward to going to the final three. We'll break down everything from this week's Survivor right now as I point out my 5 Things from this Weeks Show:

5. Troy Story - After being public enemy number one for the last few weeks for Kim and the women of Survivor: One World, Troyzan finally was sent packing this week. For Troyzan, it was a pretty remarkable turnaround from only last week's episode when he seemed to be throwing a tantrum about his position in the game. This week we saw a much kindler, gentler Troyzan. He didn't ever try to claim possession of the island and not once did he accuse the women of trying to [expletive deleted] him. With a different approach, Troyzan was in a better position to try to save himself. I really loved the strategy to put his vote on Christina and try to tip the vote to the person that the votes were split with. Though it fell one vote short (Did he even ask the pig?), I hate to see Troyzan go because he seemed to be the only legitimate threat to Kim left in the game. He played hard throughout the game and wasn't afraid to ruffle any feathers and that's why I'll miss him on the show. On the bright side, we seem to have our first really angry juror who will be sure to provide some fireworks come finale night.

4. A Kimperfect Night - For the first time in the game, Kim actually mishandled a few things in the game. The decision not to take Kat on the reward after the challenge got out of hand. In my opinion, Kim did a bad job, not by snubbing Kat, but by even winning that reward challenge at all. In the position that Kim currently is in, perhaps only Troyzan wouldn't choose her to go on the reward. Kim's game right now is based completely on all of the girls (and maybe Tarzan) thinking they are in her plans to go to the end. It was a shortsighted move on Kim's part to have to show her cards to the tribe, though I suspect she learned her lesson. Assuming she can put this behind her and with an idol in her pocket, Kim looks to be a mortal lock for the finals at this point.

3. The Third Place Club - For Kim and the remaining players in the game, they need to be thinking about how they are getting from the final 7 to the final 3. Make no mistake, every person left in the game thinks they are going to the finals. That is the beauty of what Kim has been able to do because if enough people felt insecure about their position, Troyzan would've been able to successfully flip things around the last few weeks. The way I see it is that just about everybody thinks they are going to the finals with Kim and Chelsea. Leaving out Tarzan and Christina, that means that Sabrina, Alicia and Kat are all believing that they are going to be that third person sitting in front of the jury. Each of these women believes that Kim is telling them the truth and lying to the others and none of these women are wondering if they are actually the one that is being lied to. What these three don't realize is that if they could just work together, they wouldn't have to worry about Kim deciding their fate in the game. This failure to compare notes on what they're hearing is exactly the kind of stuff that Survivor players often regret after the game is over. It's the kind of thing that is so obvious to us at home but is just not occurring to the players in the game because they so badly want to believe that what they're hearing is the truth.

2. You Can't Handle the Truth! - Poor Kat! She was so hurt this week when Kim didn't take her on the reward challenge. Troyzan tried to explain that Kim didn't take her because she's just a pawn in Kim's game. In Survivor, and in life, we can go out of our way to avoid hearing unpleasant news or just plug our fingers in to our ears. A lot of times, it doesn't feel good to hear the truth, but if we can accept reality, there is the power to change what that reality is. In the case of Kat, she wants to believe that she's controlling the game and that she's going to the end with Kim. She wants to believe that she is a strong player and not just one of Kim's followers. However, the reality is that none of that is true. The players all voted that Kat is the player most in need of a wakeup call and until that happens and she sees things as they are, she has no chance whatsoever in this game.

1. Fabio, Part Deux? - While the previous paragraph was probably not something that Kat wants to hear, I do have some good news... Kat can still win the game. We don't have to go back too far in Survivor history to find another blonde-haired player, who got upset about not being taken on rewards and wasn't thought of as the smartest player in the tribe - of course, I'm talking about Fabio, the winner of Survivor: Nicaragua. Never regarded as a strategic threat, Fabio, like Kat, made his way to the final few players in the game. If Kat can take a page out of the Fabio book and go on a modest immunity run, she could easily duplicate what Fabio did in the finals. It is very possible because with Troyzan out of the game and Tarzan a non-factor, she is only competing with the remaining women in the game. For the second coming of Fabio, I don't think it's too half-baked of an idea.

Do you think there's anybody left in the game who will stand up to Kim before the final 3? I want to hear what you think, let me know on twitter, I'm @RobCesternino