Throwback Thursday: Top Survivor Caramoan Challenges
Posted on Jun 5, 2013 05:15pm

It's Throwback Thursday! What were some of your favorite challenges from Survivor: Caramoan? Take a look at these top moments from this past season of Survivor!

Immunity Challenge: Vertically Challenged
The final four use all their strength and mental abilities to compete in this final immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge: Drop a Log

This immunity challenge tests each person's strength and perseverance.

Immunity Challenge: Keel Hauling
The castaways compete in this exhausting underwater challenge for immunity.

Reward Challenge: Muddy Waters

An obstacle course and tossing 12 balls in a basket are the tasks to master for a resort reward.

Immunity Challenge: Last Gasp
The castaways compete in this classic underwater challenge for immunity.