Survivor Live Blog by Parvati Shallow: My Top 5 Behind the Scenes Moments From the Survivor Finale
Posted on May 23, 2014 04:30pm

By Parvati Shallow (@parvatishallow)
The excitement of the crowd was palpable as I took my place in the jam-packed theater that hosted Wednesday evening’s Survivor Cagayan two-hour finale and live reunion show. Fans have touted this season of Survivor as one of the very best, and I agree. We watched some outrageous blindsides and some incredible comebacks. We cheered as Spencer, our lovable underdog, won immunity after immunity. We witnessed in amazement, Tony’s superhuman powers of idol finding and manipulation. Having the honor of being involved in this season was a blast for me. For all you super fans of Survivor Cagayan, here are my top five behind the scenes moments at the Survivor Finale.
1. The 10 year old kid, decked out in full Survivor regalia, loses his mind when Spencer gets voted off. The young Survivor fan clearly had his heart set on a Spencer win. When Spence got voted out, the kid jumped out of his seat, screaming, “Kass, how could you?? Why?? Not Spencer. Nooooooo!” He threw his hat on the ground, stomped on it, and pouted for the rest of the show.
2. Tyler Perry meets Barbara Probst. All 5’2” of Jeff’s elegant, petite mom shaking hands with enormous 6’5” Tyler Perry was an adorable photo op moment. Someone has to have posted that shot by now on Instagram…real cute.
3. Tony’s family and friends go wild when Woo brings Tony to the end. The entire theatre erupted when Woo chose Tony to sit next to him in the final two. This unexpected move brought Tony’s biggest fans to their feet, cheering and fist bumping one another. What an incredible moment!
4. Kass calls me out. When I interviewed the final four on the red carpet, Kass had some choice words for me. Apparently, she read every one of my Hollywood Reporter recaps, and she didn’t appreciate my dismissal of her game play. She also stands behind her bird, and refuses to apologize for flipping off Trish. I’ll let you form your own opinions about that one.
5. Woo fake proposes to his girlfriend. You know I love putting people on the spot. Woo is so warm, friendly, and lovable— I couldn’t wait to interview him after the live show. When he made bold proclamations on Survivor of proposing marriage to his girlfriend, I asked him to go for it, on Survivor Live. Always the gentleman, he obliged with a brilliant, heartfelt speech.

Thank you all for joining in on the fun and sending all your great questions in for Survivor Live this season. It was an honor and a joy being your host. I hope to see you again very soon!

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