The Crazy Ones Live Tweet Event Highlights

Posted on Feb 27, 2014 09:55pm

#Hora! While The Crazy Ones were busy “twerking it” on-screen in last night’s episode “Zach Mitzvah”, the cast members also “tworked it” (worked Twitter) offscreen during a live tweet event!  From the moment the episode began and Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Wolk, Hamish Linklater and Amanda Setton hummed the opening credits in unison, there was no shortage of energy and laughter between the tight-knit group.  Check out a round up of the highlights including fun facts, silly selfies and the top tweets of the night! 

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar kicked off the screening by sharing a selfie of her with TV dad, Robin Williams.

2. Amanda anointed Robin a Rabbi! 
3. Hamish admitted his showmance bromance with James is no small fête.
4.  A Twitter war broke out between Amanda and Hamish…neither of whom have Twitter accounts!
5. Robin set the attendance record for bar mitzvahs in a year among the group…a whopping 13!

6. The 'crazy' ladies twerked it for a selfie!
7. James Wolk revealed Paul Rudd as his "celebrity inspiration."
8. Hamish got meta posing for a photo next to his #CrazyTBT photo!  See all the throwback photos here.
9. Executive producer, Jason Winer shared a fun fact about Amanda.
10. The cast attempted a simultaneous #Hora tweet!