Season 1: Episode 9 - You're In Trouble

You're In Trouble: When Debbie’s dishwasher breaks down, Nathan generously offers to buy a new one for her. Nathan revels in the idea that he is always helping out Debbie and the family. Carol lauds Nathan’s generosity and tells him that he is her favorite child, even though Debbie is Tom’s favorite. Nathan is shocked to learn that he isn’t Tom’s favorite and presses Tom as to why he isn’t. Tom replies that Nathan lied to him when he was a child, prompting Nathan to reveal a secret about Debbie’s that ends up upsetting Tom. Debbie gets angry at Nathan for telling Tom her secret and retaliates by telling Carol one of Nate’s secret. With both parents now upset, Debbie and Nathan resort to trying to one up each other with elaborate apologies to Tom and Carol.