Season 1: Episode 11 - Dear Diary

Dear Diary: Carol reveals to Nathan that she has been reading Debbie’s journal again and is worried because Debbie and Adam are facing some financial problems with the yoga café. Carol tells Nathan they need to help Debbie out, just like they used to all those years when Debbie was a troubled teen. Nathan reluctantly agrees and he and Carol come up with a plan to help the café, but Debbie begins to suspect something is up. Based on some of the things Carol and Nathan have been saying to her, Debbie realizes that they must be reading her journal, but in order to prove it and catch them, she and Adam plant a fake journal entry about Tom being gay (with the help of Ray, Tom has recently been trying to make new friends with another older gentleman at the café). Carol reads the fake journal entry and shares this news with a skeptical Nathan, but when Nathan sees Tom preparing to go out with his new male friend, he begins to have his doubts. Carol and Nathan approach Tom trying to get him to confess his secret, but Debbie overhears all of this and busts Carol and Nathan for reading her journal. Debbie is upset, but Carol tells Debbie that she only does this to prevent Debbie from making big mistakes in her life. Debbie gets Carol to admit that she never wanted Debbie to marry Adam. Adam is hurt but Nathan surprises everyone when he reveals that he secretly pushed for Debbie to get together with Adam.