Season 1: Episode 15 - You Betcha

You Betcha: After learning that Ray is spending precious one-on-one time with his father, Nathan vows to find something that will finally allow he and Tom to connect and bond. After accompanying Tom on a failed metal-collecting venture, the pair wind up getting looped into a soccer bet with Ray and watching the game together. Nathan feels like they’ve bonded, but Tom gets upset after losing the money on the bet and vows never to do it again. Later, Nathan buys a Civil War-era belt buckle and leaves it for Tom to find on his next metal collecting trip, but Tom tosses it away instead. As they dig through the garbage and get trapped inside a garbage truck, Nathan and Tom bond over the fact that they both feel they need to be the protectors in the family. Meanwhile, Carol watches Mikayla while Debbie and Adam go out of town for the weekend, but accidentally feeds her lasagna with meat in it. Mikayla gets hooked and eats every type of meat imaginable, but opts not to tell her parents when they return from their trip.