Episode 10001 - Friday, September 28st, 2012

Friday, September 28st, 2012: Sharon is surprised to get a visit from Doris. Doris pleads with Sharon to spend more time with Noah and Faith. Later, Nikki confronts Sharon and offers to pay her to leave the ranch. Sharon declines as Nikki storms out. Sharon calls Leslie and asks if the paperwork was sent to Victor.
Billy prepares to reveal the truth to Victoria just as Victor arrives. Victor informs Victoria that he wants her to stay on at Newman Enterprises. Victoria goes to tend to Johnny and Victor informs Billy he will keep his secret.
Michael, Paul, and Lauren discuss who could have checked Daisy out of the mental institute. Michael sent the woman’s signature to a lab for analysis, but the results came back inconclusive. Lauren and Paul question Dr. Laurents and show him pictures of Sheila’s many faces, but he is unable to help them. Kevin and Michael arrive with a court order to look at the security footage from the hospital.
Genevieve demands that Tucker pay her for her time in Los Angeles, but Tucker refuses to pay her. Jack informs Tucker that he wants to buy Beauty of Nature back from him. Jack threatens to notify the SEC that Tucker neglected to report the stock purchases, but Tucker still refuses to sell. Later, Genevieve offers to help Jack get Beauty of Nature back from Tucker.
Victor finds out that Sharon is suing him for abandonment. Victor asks Avery to contact Michael and press whatever charges he can against Sharon.