Style Watch November 15, 2012

Posted on Nov 15, 2012 07:35am

How did you go about dressing Cary's father?
We wanted him to be classic and tailored. He's a lobbyist. So I wanted there to be a bit of an "Every Man" about him. He looks sharp and put together, but doesn't stand out and is not showy. His suits were very nice 2 button suits by Zegna, Boss and ZZegna, which is Zegna's slimmer line. He wore a white Canali dress shirt throughout the episode--again, clean and classic. I wanted his ties to be of a good quality, but, again, not be flashy. His ties were by Michael Kors, Canali, and Boss.
Who designed the glasses that I see Diane wearing?
Diane was wearing glasses by Robert Marc in this episode. Thank you!!
Alicia and Cary travel to DC--does that mean you make the look around them more DC than Chicago fashion wise?
This fact was certainly considered when dressing the background in the scenes that took place in Washington DC. I think there is more of an overriding political look to clothes in DC than in Chicago--perhaps more suits that are a bit more conservative in feel than suits in Chicago. Perhaps more of an homogenous feel than in Chicago.
Burl was dressed very sharp. Where can I find his purple tie?
Thank you! I love dressing Burl, played by F. Murray Abraham. The whole time I'm with him, I think, "You won an Academy Award for 'Amadeus'"!!!! He couldn't be nicer or more lovely. And Murray really appreciates nice suits that are well tailored. I love that! The purple tie in question was a large paisley print silk tie by Perry Ellis Portfolio. It would be available at Macy's or Lord & Taylor.
How was it working with Christina Ricci? I love her.
She was great! You know, it's very hard for the guest stars to step into an episodic television show. There is always very little prep and usually the casting happens very late in the process. So frequently, the actor will show up for a fitting and then almost immediately has to start shooting. Working with the actor on the look of a character is often very quick and so many times, the actor is figuring out their character as they are standing in the fitting in their underwear as we are trying on clothing. Christina was really great in the fitting room--she really considered each piece of clothing as it went on and then took the time to evaluate a whole look when it was put together and discuss it with me and my assistant. For the character of Therese Dee, we ultimately went for a look that was simple and casual, perhaps almost too casual for meeting with the FCC. We wanted it to seem that she wasn't taking any of it too seriously until her deceased mother's cancer came into play as well as her mother's memory and we started to get to the heart of Therese's true concern and love for her mother and what she had to go through with breast cancer. That's when we switched her look to more appropriate jackets that were still in her character, but showed a little more respect for the situation in which she found herself.
Did you have any fashion challenges in this episode?
Every episode! There are always challenges to every episode I work on, whether it's trying to fit a "difficult to fit" body type or being overwhelmed due to the sheer size of a particular episode. The on-going challenge is keeping our recurring characters looking fresh and chic while staying within the confines of the characters' closets.
You're kicking this season out of the park. Do you feel like you're in a groove at this point knowing the regular characters and what works best for them?
Definitely in a groove! We are definitely able to pick up a garment and know pretty quickly whether it will fit or not. We also know the characters and that really helps with being to shop while in that character's head. Of course, our show is great because we have a constant influx of new characters and guest actors. So some things we know and some things we don't know and that's what makes it fun and continue to be challenging!!