Style Watch January 10, 2013

Posted on Jan 9, 2013 10:00pm

Daniel, you killed it last night! Alicia in that red suit was amazing, I couldn't take my eyes off her! <3
Thank you! That episode had a detailed costume arc that really helped support the story. I love when wardrobe does that! She started the episode in an amazing black wool vintage inspired Martin Grant coat. The strong silhouette and color of the coat worked amazingly well against the autumnal colors of the rustic resort at which she was staying. Then we saw her in a vibrant red wool Dior jacket. Again, strong color and silhouette to stand out. I also wanted that jacket to stand out so that when she had to wear it again on her unexpected third day at the resort, the audience would remember that she had just worn it and she must be recycling her clothes because that is all she has with her besides the one emergency overnight bag she brought. In that bag, Alicia brought a brown leather blazer with jersey sleeves by Akris. She paired that with a pair of black wool Theory trousers--her travel outfit. As mentioned before, on the third day she reused the Dior jacket from the first day there and the pants from the second day. Eventually, Kalinda brings her a change of clothes. And that blazer was a salt and pepper wool tweed blazer with velvet collar by Gucci. In the hotel room at night Alicia also wore a wonderful Magaschoni cashmere sweater and a pair of gray Splendid lounge pants. I'm so glad you enjoyed Alicia's wardrobe--I certainly enjoyed creating a story arc with it!!
Was will sporting Canali ties in last night's episode?
I LOVE Canali ties and suits, but, alas, Will wore Brioni and Zegna ties in this episode--I would have to say they are all close cousins!!
Alicia's jackets are amazing
Thank you very much! I would say that one of the great benefits of working in "The Good Wife" costume shop is that I am able to have Alicia's jackets tailored by the amazingly talented Lonnie Righards!! Tailoring is everything in look and fit. Even if one spends a ton of money on a great designer jacket, if it's not tailored correctly it will not look like you spent a lot of money on it. Conversely, spending a little extra cash on tailoring a less expensive piece can make it look like a million bucks!
I heard you started a site making recommendations for jewelry. I am so excited--can you give me more details?
I was thrilled to launch my first curated jewelry line on I wanted to do elegant and chic basic pieces along with some fun, holiday party inspired pieces. I have already used some of the jewelry on TGW to great effect and look forward to future lines with SuperJeweler!
Alicia is letting a little bit looser with Peter--does this make you change the direction of her wardrobe?
Alicia's wardrobe has definitely gone a little sexier. The body-conscience suits and dresses show off Alicia's great figure. I have also been using more sophisticated, neutral tones (like black, light gray, cream) along with her signature reds to add a heightened layer of drama to her wardrobe.
I loved this episode and Michael J. Fox with them away from Chicago--did you dress those around them slightly different?
We wanted the stenographer to seem as if she came along with Louis from his firm in Chicago. The few other background people we saw had a sense of rural to their looks. Even the employees at the resort wore forest green fleece jackets over chambray shirts as uniforms.