Style Watch January 22, 2013

Posted on Jan 22, 2013 06:00am

I've noticed Alicia has been wearing a few different watches this season @goodwifefashion--can you tell us the designer names?
Alicia wears Cartier watches on the show!
You, sir are supernaturally talented. The outfits you pick are sensational EACH WEEK. I don't know how you do it but BRAVO!
You are too kind, but I love hearing positive feedback!! Thank you for that! This has been a wonderful season with TGW wardrobe. I feel like Alicia has really been hitting her stride with her clothes and her style. It's always fun to have a character who starts out unsure of herself and tentative with a new life path, grow into one of confidence and, consequently, tasteful style and elegance.
Can we talk about Alicia's slanted neckline RN?
OK. It took me a bit to figure out what was being referred to here and I think we are talking about the white and black dress under the black coat at the beginning of the episode. There is indeed a story. Originally when I was designing the episode, the scene in the kitchen with Alicia getting breakfast together was going to have all three of the characters--Alicia, Zach and Grace--already dressed for the day. Grace says, "You look different, Mom" or something like that. So I had Alicia in a fantastic white and black dress by Roland Mouret with an asymmetrical neckline and unique style lines--a look that Alicia hasn't worn before; something that would catch Grace's eye. Anyway, cut to us establishing the outfit on set, but not in the kitchen. We established it in another scene as we were shooting scenes out of order, as we always do. The scene we established required Alicia to wear a coat. As it turned out, she always needed a coat over the dress. So the only time we were going to see the dress alone was in the kitchen, which was the last scene (although the first in the continuity of the script) to be shot. At the last minute, it was decided to have Alicia NOT be dressed for the day and have Grace's line be motivated more by Alicia's somewhat untamed bed hair and flushed makeup. It made perfect sense, but I was disappointed that we never got to see the amazing dress that (in the movie in my head) was the whole jumpstart visually for the episode which was a lot about her feeling really sexy and sexually confident. As it turned out, I thought the asymmetrical neckline under the coat worked well because it was unique and kept drawing the viewer's eye to Alicia whenever she was on without it upstaging what was going on in the scenes.
The return of Elsbeth, I am so happy. What can you tell us about her style?
We love having Carrie Preston on the show. She has really made a mark on the show with her quirky Elsbeth. Ultimately, I did not want her look to bely her quirky side. That would be too much. I wanted it to have clean lines and subdued colors. Carrie's bright red hair is color enough and I didn't want the clothes to compete with that. I also knew Carrie would act Elsbeth and did not need her clothes act it for her. I knew Carrie would bring all that was needed to the role and I didn't have to hit the nail on the head with a giant hammer to help get the character of Elsbeth across. Crazy, bizarre clothes on Elsbeth would have been redundant. How much more interesting to have someone look "normal", perhaps even "conservative" and then find out that the person is not really at all like they dress. I think it's one of the things we do really well on the show. What you see is NOT what you get. Are they guilty or innocent? Good guy or bad guy? I think it's always good to have a dichotomy going between the look and the character. On the other hand, I do enjoy putting interesting touches on Elsbeth that help underscore what Carrie does with the character. In this episode, I loved the floppy blouse with the ruffles in the center front by Ralph Lauren. I thought the silliness of the ruffles in juxtaposition with her being in jail was funny. I also loved using the super long scarf over her coat as she ran across the track field that seemed to jog across the field as she did.
What was the most challenging part of this episode?
The most challenging part of this episode was Hurricane Sandy. It wasn't the design of the episode, it was the logistics of getting the episode up and running. The first day of shooting the episode was our first few days back after shutting down after the hurricane. We couldn't get actors ahead of time for fittings and casting was really late. I ended up shopping all the judges and the witnesses at the trial at the track the weekend before they shot and then fitting them just before they went on camera. Not an ideal situation to say the least. So we had, I think, 7 fittings with actors I'd never seen before on the wardrobe truck the morning that they shot and, of course, they needed multiple changes for that first day. We also happened to be shooting a B-Unit that day, which is a second unit that shoots simultaneously as the main unit but away from the main unit. As it turned out, we had lots of costumes establishing on that unit as well. So the costume team was spread very thin that day. We also had new characters who were being cast at the last minute who were working the next day. So we continued to have fittings on the wardrobe truck throughout the day as casting and shopping came in. All in all, those first few days back after the hurricane went remarkably well, although I probably have a few new gray hairs to show for the effort!