Style Watch February 22, 2013

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 07:45am

What was the leather/cloth jacket Alicia wore in the Boom De Ya Da episode? LOVED IT!
That jacket is by Akris. It had a brown leather body and jersey sleeves. It's a wonderful jacket because it completely molds to the body.

Love Alicia's purse, the large black one she has been carrying lately, what type is it?
Alicia carries a Longchamp bag. What I love about Longchamp is that the bags are gorgeous and sleek, but they are not ridiculously priced.

Really enjoyed Alicia's casual outfit when she had the 4th years at her apartment - what can you tell us about it.
Alicia wore an ivory Burberry cashmere hoodie that was lined in the typical Burberry plaid. Her black cropped pants were by Theory and had a great slit at the ankle. Alicia also wore Cole Haan black suede and patent leather flats and a Theory black scooped tank.

Did you dress Alicia/DIana and Cary/Will different as they went head to head
I did! The first time we saw them I wanted them to reflect which team they were on. I put Alicia and Cary in tones of red and Will and Diane in tones of blue. Alicia's red suit was by Armani and Diane's lavender suit was by Carolina Herrera. I wanted the two teams to contrast visually with one another which added to the tension in the mock court.

OMG the kiss!! Knowing that Alicia and Will had a steaming moment does it change what you're going to put them in!
I usually try to have Alicia in something especially form fitting when a kiss (or more) is going to be part of the action. Not only does it help to tell the story, I think it makes the actress feel sexy too. In this case Alicia wore a very form fitting stretch knit suit by Armani that had a playful purple zipper in the center front.

When you see photos in court like of the young girl who died, do you dress those characters as well?
We almost always create those photos. The show also creates all the websites, social media sites, videos, and driver's license and surveillance photos. We even usually create all the photos the production design department uses for set dressing. So in a word, yes, I dress all those people in the photos and videos as well. Creating these elements really enables the show to get exactly what we want in the look of the show as well as adds depth to the TGW's visual aesthetic.