Style Watch March 6, 2013

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 06:45am

Loving your work- curious do you style Diane's specs? What has she worn throughout the seasons?
Diane uses Robert Marc glasses on the show.

Lovvvvvve the black boat neck dress Alicia wears for the campaign bus booty call - who is it by?
The dress and jacket are by Akris. We knew we wanted Alicia's dress to be able to close from the front. So the zipper in the dress was perfect for us. The top of the dress was a gray pique textured tweed with the bottom of the dress being black wool. The cropped jacket was made out of the dress's skirt fabric and trimmed in black leather. I finished the look with a large orange square ring to add a hint of color. Her black lace bodysuit was by La Perla.

Where is Alicia's black work bag from?
That bag is made by Longchamp. Love their bags! Look great and are affordable!

Would Love to know where Alicia's tan jacket (last episode) was from. You always do great work!
Alicia's double breasted tan knit jacket with contrasting black buttons was by Robert Rodriguez.

Love how regal and stunning Jackie looked in this episode - where can I get the blue blaizer
Thank you! Jackie always makes a great statement with her look! The jacket in question was a bright blue wool jacket with black leather trim and buttons by Basler. I am a big fan of Basler. Their clothing can be very elegant and it is very reasonably priced.

Elsbeth needs to be full time, she's awesome! How did you dress her, this may sound odd but does her hair color being red weigh into what clothes you put her in?
Elsbeth's hair is a huge factor in what I put her in for the show. It is a strong color and I need to be careful to not make her too colorful with her clothes and I need to make sure the colors I do pick compliment her hair and don't fight with it. I was just shopping at Saks yesterday and someone stopped me and told me that they wished Elsbeth was a permanent character on the show too! She has a lot of fans out there, that's for sure!!