Style Watch March 13, 2013

Posted on Mar 13, 2013 10:25am

 Audra's jacket is gorgeous, and so was Alicia's plum peplum jacket.

Thank you! It was great to have Audra on the show! Her first look was an LK Bennett maroon and black tweed dress with a matching jacket. Her second costume was a tan and brown tweed double breasted Max Mara jacket with a black knit St. John's skirt. Her last look in the episode was a black trimmed cream wool Tahari jacket. Alicia's burgundy wool crepe jacket was by Alexander McQueen. I loved the full peplum!

Hey where was the very light pink dress Alicia wear in 413 at the event from? and the red wrap one from same episode?

That was actually a cream dress by Victoria Beckham with a body-hugging fit and an industrial zipper up the center back. The red dress was an amazing stretch wool with uniquely designed cuffs and asymmetrical collar by Donna Karan.

How did you dress Robyn so that she will be a contrast for Kalinda?

One big difference between Robyn's look and Kalinda's is that Robyn wears pants, even jeans! Kalinda is always in a skirt. Also, Robyn's clothes have a slight vintage vibe to them - almost like she picked them up at a Goodwill Store. I have utilized quirky top and bottom pairings to emphasize a mismatched feeling to her clothes, whereas Kalinda's outfits are very pulled together and sleek. Patterns and textures are also key elements that help distinguish the two investigators.

You have the best guest stars, Wallace Shawn! Awesome!

How amazing to meet Wallace?!He's just as charming as they come! We wanted Charles Lester's look to be unassuming. We wanted him to seem somewhat befuddled, certainly not the "enforcer" he turns out to be in the episode.

 I loved Audra's purse - where did you get that from?

That bag is made by a company named B. Makowsky. I believe it was purchased at either Macy's or Century 21.