Style Watch September 29, 2013

Posted on Sep 30, 2013 09:55am

1. looking for the designer of the suit Alicia was wearing on tonights show beige with black belt and black skirt. Welcome back to an incredibly exciting 5th season of "The Good Wife". I am looking forward to answering your wardrobe questions throughout the season! The white and gray cotton pique cotton jacket with white over-sized stitching and black belt and cuffs is by Karen Millen. The jacket has a zipper front closure. I paired it with a black Escada skirt made of stretch wool. 2. Who makes Robyn's sweatshirt in the scene with Diane!? In LOVE. Robyn wore two sweatshirts in scenes with Diane. The first one was a gray cotton sweatshirt with black lace sleeves by DVF. It was a dress, but we shortened it and made it into a regular length sweatshirt. The second look was a Theory gray cotton sweatshirt with an asymmetrical side zipper. 3. anything about Diane's amazing outfit when they question Alicia the 4th years would be great. Diane was wearing a fabulous red long sleeve silk blouse with an off to the side self bow by Yves Saint Laurent. She wore black wool high waisted trousers by Max Mara with a black grosgrain band at the waist. The outfit was finished with a pair of burnished gold earrings and a burnished gold ring with a red triangular shaped glass setting, both pieces by Kenneth Jay Lane. 4. With Alicia and Cary going off on their own will their style change? I think Alicia is going to be a little more streamlined in her look considering her potential career move. Less color. A little more "blending in" so as to draw as little attention to herself at Lockhart Gardner. At the same time, I think she is going to be stylish and elegant - a look that would befit the founding partner of a new law firm. Cary is going to continue to dress in an upwardly mobile style. He will wear well fitted suits with eye-catching striped shirts and ties that pop with color and pattern. 5. Who did you have the most fun dressing in last night's episode? OK, here's the cop-out, but honest, answer. I find every character enjoyable to dress. Each has their own unique characteristics and challenges. It's like asking a parent which of their kids is his or her favorite. How to answer? They are all fun in their unique ways!! 6. Grace is getting noticed what small changes are you making for her. We have definitely witnessed both Grace and Zach grow up on the show. Grace is becoming more mature both intellectually as well as physically. I am using pieces on her that are more adult feeling, less girlish. Of course, she is still a student, but I want her look to subtly alter as we go through the season; become less frilly and more sophisticated and thought out, even a little sleeker. Please keep watching as you'll see evidence of these changes as she continues to mature. Again, thanks for all the great questions. Please feel free to write in and I'd be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge. Enjoy the season. It is going to be AMAZING!!!