Style Watch October 6, 2013

Posted on Oct 8, 2013 08:50am

1. Alicia's green suit. Want! What is it? @goodwifefashion I think there might be a color issue here. Alicia actually wore a navy blue suit and not a green one. Perhaps the TV or computer you watched on was a little off in the hue. Anyway, that teal blue silk knit suit with black silk faille revered lapel is by Dior. The knit of the suit helps it really mold to the wearer's body and creates a beautiful shape. 2. Hey any chance i could get to know where this red dress of Alicia's from ?? i love it so much!! I am thrilled that you love that suit! It is actually a suit and not a dress. I am thrilled because I have partnered with the company who makes that suit, number 35, and we are creating a clothing line together! The new line is called 35•DL and caters to the professional woman. Our aesthetic is to have silhouettes that are powerful while maintaining a feminine quality and chic feel to the look. Samples are currently being shopped around to buyers. The line will also be available in February at the number35 boutiques in London as well as on their website, The beautiful deep maroon Italian wool suit I used in the episode has a pegged skirt, high stand collar with a gun metal zipper and a matching belt. You can also contact number 35 at I customized the color and I'm sure you can too if you like the maroon or want it in any other color. number 35 is manufactured in London. 35•DL will also be manufactured in London. 3. Did you dress Diane in Michael Kors last night? Diane did wear a black Michael Kors dress under a white Dolce & Gabbana jacket. 4. I love Diane's white suit so classy! I also loved Diane's white jacket! As mentioned above it is by Dolce & Gabbana. The material is a gorgeous 3 dimensional floral lace. Incidentally, the jacket has a matching dress and when paired with the jacket would be the perfect look for a smart summer occasion. 5. How was it having Stockard Channing back - any scoop on her style? LOVE Stockard! What a wonderful addition to the show she has been! And she is as lovely in person as you can imagine! We like there to be something a little edgy about her look - not the typical "mom" and "grandma". We want Veronica to have a slight arty vibe to her look without being over the top. Veronica loves to wear beautiful blouses that have a little something extra going on in them, like the black sheer over white silk Akris blouse she wore last night. She also wore a black Wilfred silk crepe flowy jacket with shawl collar. That look was accessorized with oversized necklaces, one with brown, cream and tan large oval "beads" carved from horn and the other of polished grey stones on oversized cording. Veronica also wore a wonderful green leopard silk blouse by The Kooples as well as a maroon silk blouse by Jil Sander and a brown and black primitive pleated Issey Miyake jacket. Her leggings are Helmut Lang and her ankle boots are by Stella McCartney.