Style Watch October 13, 2013

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 12:00pm

Why do Eli's suit jackets all have the bottom-button buttoned? Is there a reason for that? Yes there is!! Normally, men do not button the bottom button of their 2 button suits. So the first day that Alan Cumming, who plays Eli, worked I saw that he had buttoned both of his buttons. I asked my set costumer to undo the bottom button. But when she went to Alan, he said that he liked it buttoned like that. So she left it and reported back that Alan wanted to keep it buttoned. I realized that it was a character thing for him. Eli is so very uptight. If you give Eli 100 buttons, he is going to button every one of them. If you give him a coat, he's going to wear it closed. If you give him a bow, he'd tie it. I think it is a wonderful example of how a character's look can be personalized by the actor wearing the costume. It's a wonderfully collaborative business! Can u tell me where Diane's white jkt is from? It's so elegant! Thx! Diane's white textured jacket is by Armani. I love the pleated, exaggerated shoulders! who makes this suit?! Absolutely love it. Yes, this is a wonder jacket by Rena Lange which was purchased at Neiman Marcus. The jacket is created from strips of straw colored fabric that are attached to each other with black stitching, which create the black stripe. The cuffs are accentuated with a black and cream checkered band. The jacket also has a self belt that I fastened to the back to help keep the front a little cleaner while giving the back a little surprise. I also thought the belled sleeves, which are echoed in the skirt of the jacket, are very elegant. Can you tell me where Alicia's red dress from last night is from? Alicia's burgundy cotton dress with 3/4 sleeves and square cut neckline is by The Row and was purchased at Neiman Marcus. I wanted Alicia's dress for the photo to not just be a staid politician's wife's dress. I wanted it to be sexy but still appropriate for the photo as well as for work. I loved Diane's jacket the white one from last night but what really had my eye was that broach! I have a personal mission to bring the brooch back!! I love this brooch of marcasite and rhinestones in the shape of a dragonfly. The pin is a vintage pin and unfortunately has no markings on it.