Style Watch November 24, 2013

Posted on Nov 27, 2013 08:30am

Anyone else notice that Will's Ties ALWAYS match Alicia's jackets? Bravo Daniel Lawson, I enjoy the subtleness. So glad you are noticing all the small details we put into our work. I don't think they always match, but quite often I do use the men's ties to help "tie" (pardon the pun!) them to another character or to help distance them from another character. love your work. America Ferrara wore great red jacket, can you tell me where or who it's from, please? That was a terrific jacket that really flatters the body. The red crepe collarless zip front jacket is by Lafayette 148. Can't wait to see when Robyn has to get "dressed up" for a case though....get on it @goodwifewriters! She does get to wear a dress in a few episodes. Stay tuned! If Kalinda has the best leather on TV, Alicia the best suits, & Diane the best accessories...Robyn wins for best sweaters. Thanks!! She is fun to dress! In the last episode (509) she wore a multi-colored sweater by DVF, a teal crew neck with gold knit design by Remain, and a black and white horizontal striped wide crew neck sweater with a pink knit bow in the back by Delia's. Could you please do some style bits on Marilyn? Where is her purse from in The Next Month? Also full outfits if you could? As you know, both Marilyn and the actress playing Marilyn, Melissa George, are pregnant. We have been using dresses that accommodate the pregnancy without using actual maternity clothing. In "The Next Month" she wore a black knee length dress with deep purple leather ruffled trimmed necktie by Saint Laurent. She also wore a midnight blue dress with a large built-in side bow at the neck by Lanvin. Her bag is a black pebbled leather two handled briefcase by Vince Camuto. Is Marilyn pregnant in real life? Is it more difficult to dress her because of that? How do you make her look so good? She is indeed pregnant in real life and about 2 months ahead in her pregnancy than in the story. So we have been using pieces that downplay the "bump". As stated above, we have been using clothing that is not necessarily maternity wear. I think this helps keep her chic and sophisticated. The biggest challenge with dressing Marilyn is that every time we see the actress she has gotten a little bigger. What fits one week won't go over the "bump" the next. So we have to predict her size and due to schedule fit her the day she works. I love Cary's style!!! Can you give me some direction in what to look for in suits, shirts and ties to follow? Thanks! A slim well fitted suit and strong ties and shirts are the keys to Cary's look. I custom make his suits at Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn, NY, but Calvin Klein makes a great slim suit. For less money, you could also do well at JCrew, Macy's and even H&M. I do slim ties, but not the slimmest, that have a lot of color. I coordinate a pocket square with the tie. He also wears French cuff shirts that usually have a strong stripe. hey hey! What brand of glasses does Diane wear? Robert Marc! Do you have a favorite thing about dressing up the cast of The Good Wife? Honestly, my favorite thing about dressing TGW is the cast themselves. They are all such wonderfully nice and professional people who happen to be amazing actors. A designer counts himself lucky when working with such an incredible group. It just makes the job that much more satisfying and interesting. Its almost time for Christmas parties, can you give me a few tips to dress up and be the best dressed at my office holiday party. I want to channel Alicia! Don't look cheap! Often people hear "party" and think, "sexy". Dress appropriately for your business environment. Wear a wonderful outfit that has been altered to your body. Don't wear all black. Put a little color in there, BUT DON'T be garish. Stay the sophisticated dresser that you are!! I'm a big fan of the show TGW. I've noticed a brand new bag for Alicia. Could you tell me what it was? The black tote with gold trim-y one? That great bag is by Furla. It came in a few different colors. It is a wonderful bag, looks expensive but doesn't break the bank! I just watched Sunday's episode "Whack a Mole" and I LOVED the watch Diane was wearing - big face, leather strap (?) and a small silver dangle. Can you please tell me who makes that watch? I love Diane's watch. It is by Van Cleef & Arpels. So elegant!!