Style Watch January 5, 2014

Posted on Jan 9, 2014 01:10pm

Congratulations to The Good Wife for winning the People's Choice Awards for best drama series and to Josh Charles for winning Best Actor in a Drama Series!! Really exciting!! 

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Terry Black asks:
I love Stockard Channing. Even if only for the fact that my computer insists that I've misspelled her name completely. But oh for so much more. I can't remember where I first saw her in the mid '70s, and a quick browse through imdb was no help..before her tv show for sure. She wasn't in this episode, but I got sidetracked by the Ironside controversy and forgot to address her in the previous rant 'n rave. 
Hey, Terry, You notice everything! Completely awesome! Stockard Channing has been in everything from "6 Degrees of Separation" to "Grease" to "West Wing". She is an Academy Award winner, Tony winner, Emmy winner. She is amazing and talented and lovely and so professional. I count myself extremely lucky to have gotten to know her a little and work with her. Julianna attracts the very best of actors. 

Oh yeah, the show is in Chicago, but you're in NY, how does that work? Are there regular fittings that require you fly there or they fly here (here?!?) Do you pick'em pack'em and ship'em on a per shoot day basis..and are they returned in a timely manner? Is there a costume warehouse in Chi'town, perhaps, that is also a source? Or do they shoot it all in NYC with only select establishing shots put in for effect? 
The show does take place in Chicago, but the studio is in Brooklyn, NY, and we shoot there as well as in Manhattan and the other boroughs. Every once in a while we will shoot in NJ or upstate NY. The shot with Will running on the Chicago lake front was a result serendipity. The scene was written. Then coincidentally, Josh was going to be in Chicago one weekend for a publicity thing. The actor suggested the director and camera op meet him there and grab a quick shot. Just another example of how completely awesome our actors are. Every now and then some establishing shots will be done in Chicago, but for the most part, the show is shot in NYC.
 And about your color choices, I definitely noticed the coordination with scenery tone. Who takes the lead on that Costume Designer or Set Designer (we've discussed the props department already) Diane's "green" dress was nearly identical to the wall paper to the office space. Alicia's "red" dress in the heavy warm tones of apartment's makeshift office space just exploded, not like an obvious raging fire, but more like the hot coals of camping pit ready for unshucked corn and foiled bakers. Which itself contrasted with later that night (or a different night) when her purple dress and her son's similarly toned shirt blended right into the tones of the same space at a different time with a different energy... 
As on all shows there is an ongoing dialogue that happens between production design and costume design. It is a very give and take relationship. Sometimes they get what they want and sometimes I get what I want, but it is always considered what will tell our story most effectively. Our production design department is wonderful and I love working with them. When I started the show, I took my lead design wise from the production designer. When I saw how chic and clean and modern the major sets were, I wanted the wardrobe to live in the same world. Despite all of our planning, sometimes we have especially happy mistakes and every now and then some unhappy mistakes. But that is where expertise comes in and we are able to finesse the unhappy mistakes into a lovely visual. 

This was the first time I noticed Alicia's ring. Was she washing her hands?? Can't remember for sure...cutting vegetables?? Not important. Did you pick that out? Or was Julianna involved in that decision? I suppose there could have been a Chris Noth contribution, if he channeled his character ala pre series post engagement era. Do you think he researched his character that deeply?
I pick out everything that the actor's wear. Every now and then an actor will wear their own jewelry - a wedding ring, sunglasses - but it goes by me first. Once I an outfit roughed in, I finish it with all the accessories - shoes, belts, cufflinks, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. Actors' preferences play into the looks, especially with contemporary dressed shows. One of the elements that can separate a great actor from an actor, is his or her ability to judge the elements of wardrobe through the eyes of the character and not the vanity of the actor. It's a fine line and the actors on TGW are great actors! It's great to have a shorthand with our great actors always knowing that we are both speaking the character's language. I will say that actor's seldom dictate what another actor is wearing. That being said, Julianna is not just an actor on the show; she is also a producer. She notices EVERYTHING. She keeps us all on our toes in a very good way and I think that is something that has kept the show fresh and alive. In the fifth season, it's would be so easy to just say, "whatever". But not Julianna and by extension none of us. How wonderful is that!?