Style Watch March 9, 2014

Posted on Mar 10, 2014 01:50pm

I want this SWEATER #TheGoodWife” SAME WHERE DO I GET THIS FROM @goodwifefashion !? I love this sweater too!! It is by Reed Krakoff. It is a caramel thermal knit body with black ribbed sleeves and black leather elbow patches and black ringer at neck. I thought it was the perfect chic/casual at home sweater for Alicia. Always fabulous @MrJoshCharles @goodwifefashion @TheGoodWife_CBS #thegoodwife What can you tell me about his look? Will's suits are custom tailored by Isaia. They are very body conscious without being too tight. I use beautiful Italian wools and cashmeres for his suits. His shirts are by Charles Tyrwhitt and the majority of his ties are by Zegna, although we do use other brands such as Armani, Hugo Boss, and Ike Behar. what is the brand of heels does Alicia almost always wears? The black heels? I love them They are by Gucci and Julianna loves them too! She says they are THE most comfortable heel she has worn. I have them in leather and suede in addition to the black ones, I have brown, gray, and tan. Gucci doesn't always make them, but when they do, we stock up. are fashions ever recycled? Stored? We do reuse clothes on the show, but I try to do it cleverly so it is not completely apparent. Staples of the closets are reused a lot: shoes, skirts, pants, tanks, etc. The larger pieces I might repeat from one season to the next if it is right for the scene and the story. We do store lots of pieces that are too recognizable to put in our general stock when we are done with them. OH, I ADORE Alicia In FUR!! Coat collar! Love it, retro but modern. Still waiting for suit w fur cuffs to return ! Alicia had two bits of fur in this episode. One was the long black wool fur collared coat by George Simonton. The other was the wine colored Akris jacket with the high stand nubby "fleece" collar. Such a gorgeous jacket on Julianna and perfect for Alicia. who makes the blue half zip with elbow patches as seen S4 EP5 "waiting for the knock"! Please help. Are you talking about the one Lemond Bishop is wearing? If so, that cashmere 3/4 zip sweater is by Loro Piana. It was a heathered teal long sleeve with a silver zipper and brown suede elbow patches. So many amazing guest stars tonight, how do you select just the perfect item of clothing for each of them? We have a big fitting at the beginning of the episode with the guest stars as they are cast and go through the pieces scene by scene for what will work best for the scenes and for the story as well as what looks good on the actor. "The Good Wife" always has great guest stars. That is one of the things that is so wonderful about working on this show!