Style Watch March 23, 2012

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 02:33pm

Looking at the hockey jerseys on The Good Wife wonder if you follow Sabres/Flyers rivalry.
Well, I"m sorry to say that , no, I don't follow the Sabres/Flyers rivalry. But that being said, we had a great time doing the hockey uniforms. It was a multi-step process that started with getting legally cleared team and player names. Then we picked team colors which was followed by the art department creating team logos, which were then legally cleared. Then we pulled together all the different pieces of the uniform - most of the pieces were bought; some were rented. Some of the background players even brought their own padding and skates. It was a fun departure from the law office!

I love how different colors in their clothes define the female characters of the show.
I definitely try to balance each scene in terms of color, as well as shape and style. Color worlds also start to develop for each character. For example, Alicia wears neutral tones very well as well as deep red and purple and her color palette has started to resonate as the series continues.

Dan, what is the brand of Alicia's suit at the opening of 3.18 (Gloves come off) with the zip? Love it.
Alicia's olive/brown toned collarless suit with center front and cuff brass zippers is by Escada. or follow on Twitter @ESCADAmericasPR.

Think I'm only guy here. Love everything Cary wears. Color mix, fitting of suits. Any advice/rules on how to gets his look?
Welcome!!!! So glad to have you on the blog and thanks for your interest in Cary's look. Cary wears 1 button, slim suits in the show. His off-the-rack suits are by Calvin Klein ( or follow on Twitter @CalvinKlein). I also have suits custom built for him by Martin Greenfield in Brooklyn, NY ( or follow on Twitter @mfmastertailor). Cary also wears slim shirts by Thomas Pink ( or follow on Twitter @thomaspink). To get Cary's style I would say the most important thing is to have slim suits and shirts that fit well. Invest in a nice suit and then spend the extra money to have it tailored so that it looks like it will fit no one else but you. It is also a huge pet peeve of mine to have dress shirts that are too big in the neck. I torture the actors on TGW by having them wear shirts that fit properly at the neck. Don't go just by the neck size stated in the shirt. Try them on. Manufacturers are cutting necks bigger than the stated size on the shirts. And then there are some companies like Thomas Pink who intentionally size the neck up ever so slightly so that when the shirt is washed it will be the indicated size on the tag. Cary finishes his body conscious suits with slim (but not overly thin) ties and nicely folded pocket squares. At one point, we had toyed with suspenders for him, but we decided that that extra bit might have made his look too studied. So we did without the suspenders. Don't forget a good pair of dress shoes. I recommend something that has it's roots in tradition, but a nod towards the modern.

I love Kalinda's, Diane's, Kaitlyn's wardrobes! Beautiful! I wish there were more 'party' scenes where ladies r glammed up!
They are very fun characters to dress for sure! Maybe we'll have some parties next season!

Since Michael J. Fox has appeared several times on the show do you go out and shop for him specifically?
Louis Canning has a closet at the studio just like all the other characters on the show. Whenever he appears on the show, we purchase new items for him based on script requirements as well as use pieces that are from his closet. We mix it up a bit.

I feel like Alicia's wardrobe has has subtle changes throughout the years - how has her character evolved?
In fact, all the characters wardrobes have evolved over the seasons. I think that helps keep the look of the show in general and the wardrobe in particular fresh. As in real life, our characters's styles and moods change as do life situations, jobs, relationships, etc. Alicia started with mix and match looks with very minimal jewelry. Currently, she is wearing more ensembles that show she has more money now, her position in life has changed, she has more time to shop, she has other things on her mind other than her husband's scandal. I think her colors have lightened up over time as well, which is not to say that she doesn't still wear black from time to time. But I think she doesn't dress in a way anymore that deflects attention from her. At the height of the scandal (the beginning of the series) Alicia just wanted to blend into the woodwork and not be noticed. And that's not the case anymore. She is successful at her job, her kids are great, she even had a romantic relationship. Along the same lines, Alicia wears more jewelry now and her shoes are more expensive and chic than in the past. The trick is to subtly change a character's look as the character herself changes without calling attention to it and without seeming false in her look.