Style Watch October 1, 2012

Posted on Oct 2, 2012 08:00am

You are making me want to get a bold colour blazer, preferably in mustard or teal. Any suggestions? I had great luck finding some nice colors with which to start the season! You should have no trouble finding some bold colors out there. I think you want to be careful to not get such a bright color that it overwhelms you. You want to wear the blazer, not the other way around. Another tip would be to get whatever you end up buying altered. Almost nobody is "off the rack", even if they say they are. Spending that extra money to make a garment truly fit you properly is going to make all the difference in the world. High end or low end, when something fits properly, you'll be surprised how many compliments you get versus when a piece just doesn't fit correctly. Finally, I suggest you get a blazer that works with your proportions. For example, if you are on the short side, don't get a long jacket. Or if you are a little rounder in the bottom half, don't get a short jacket. Oh, one other thing. A jacket can be feminine and still be strong.
The jackets in this first episode that really carried a color punch was a jade green Proenza Schouler single breasted jacket, which I will talk a little more about below, worn by Alicia; a fire engine red cashmere single button suit by Akris also on Alicia, and a gorgeous cadmium yellow leather (soft as butter!) one button jacket by Akris which was worn by Kristin Chenoweth.
Nick is obviously edgy and dangerous how did you go about dressing him to compliment Kalinda? Nick is a great new addition to the show and really fun to dress. Mark Warren, who plays Nick, is from London and the producers wanted to keep his accent. So I thought it would be nice to have a slight hint of English bloke about him. I can't reveal too much at this stage in the game about him and his character but I did want to keep him dark and somewhat threatening. I used GStar Jeans on him along with tshirts by John Varvatos and a jacket by Rogue State, which I picked up at Macy's. I finished Nick's look with black round toe military boots by HH, a silver Buddha necklace on a ball bead chain, and silver studded leather bracelets.
I loved the teal jacket that Alicia wore in the season premiere--where can I find it? That jacket is by Proenza Schouler and I believe it came from Barneys. I loved the bright tone of it. I wanted to start the season off with something a little surprising just to kind of let the audience know that they need to keep watching because this is going to be an awesome season with great surprises! Also, as we were shooting outside on a highway in the direct sun, I wanted something that would be a little light weight. As it turned out, that didn't even matter because it was about a million degrees and a jacket of any material would have been insanely hot. The actors were troopers though and we were able to finish the scenes without everyone looking like they were melting!! I would like to say about this jacket that it has amazing seaming in it and it really wants a body in it. On the hanger it's a little flat, but when it's on, it's awesome!
Obviously Alicia's color is red--are you having problems now in Season 4 finding red staples for her? Julianna does do very well in reds, particularly the deeper reds that go into maroon and burgundy. We don't necessarily seek out red suits and jackets for her, but we do keep our eyes open for them even when we are shopping for other characters. So far this season, we have not had a difficult time of it. The major department stores have been great - Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus. We found some nice pieces at Akris as well.
Was it intentional to put Nick is a leather jacket, Since Kalinda loves leather! Actually, I didn't want to put Nick in leather because I knew Kalinda would be wearing leather and I didn't want them to be the leather twins. His black jacket in this episode is made of waxed cotton by Rogue State, which was purchased at Macy's.
Diane is nothing but class--how do you achieve her look--any tips for me to get it for less? Diane is all about keeping it sleek, chic, and simple. If there is one standout piece on her, the other garments and accessories need to just be supporting players in the ensemble. As I always say, tailoring is everything. Textures are great for Diane - tweeds, hammered metals, silk charmeuse, brocades, even sequins sometimes. Zara is a must stop for the look for less as is Loehmann's. Also look at high end brands that have more affordable lines like Rachel Roy, DVF and Calvin Klein. Pick up nice expensive looking costume jewelry that is not expensive - Kenneth Jay Lane is great for that as is Majorca, Erwin Pearl, and Carolee. Even stores like Bebe can sell a nice looking, sophisticated pair of hoops or long "gold" chain necklace. The trick is to not overdue it. Whenever I buy something, I always ask myself, "Does this look chic? Does this look expensive." And remember, just because something is expensive doesn't mean it looks expensive. And don't forget a nice signature ring that you can wear day in and day out. Finally, don't get all trendy with the look. One trendy modern piece is all you need in an outfit - let the other pieces be classic, including the shoes and bag!