Style Watch October 8, 2012

Posted on Oct 9, 2012 07:30am

It's only a pocket square but boy is Cary's exquisite, excellent work! Thank you! We have stepped up Cary's look this season, building from last season. His suits are now custom made by Martin Greenfield in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His suits are very slim, with a single button closure. His dress shirts are by Thomas Pink and have French cuffs. He wears a variety of ties - usually my rule of thumb with him is to go with a contrasting tie color to his shirt/suit color. Then I finish off the look with a complimenting pocket square that is folded crisply and extends out of the pocket about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Can you spill any beans on something fun and fashion-y coming up this season? Fendi! Prada! Moschino! Akris! Armani! Those are all the hints you'll get from me……. Where did you found that beautiful bustier for Kalinda? That was indeed a terrific bustier that fit Kalinda perfectly. The bustier is by Agent Provocateur. How did you dress Maura Tierney? We wanted to shy away from making her another suited character on the show. We wanted to make her clothes almost seem like an after-thought for Maddie. She has long, full days and she has all the money in the world, but we didn't want it to look like she wears her money head to toe. We settled on a comfortable look that utilizes black pants, skirts, dresses and jackets that almost have a "uniform" feel. NOT a military uniform feel, but uniform in the sense that she wears a similar thing day in and day out. Her understated look is punctuated by diamond accessories, just in case anyone had a question as to her financial status. Classy Baranski what can you tell me about her look! Sleek and chic is what I have to say about her look! Of course, I'm lucky - Christine could belt a paper bag and look fabulous. Her look combines traditional with modern to create a unique, high end look that Christine as Diane completely makes her own. Love Alicia's blue blaser that is fitted but pops out at the bottom - that seems to be a very popular look this season. I have been using the peplum on Alicia since the first season. Now it's suddenly everywhere - maybe fashion designers watch "The Good Wife"!! It's such an elegant way to make someone without a waist have a waist and someone with a waist to look even more shapely! The jacket in the past week's episode is by L.K. Bennett, which is a brand I have utilized a lot on the show starting last season and continuing right into this season. FYI, L.K. Bennett is also a very popular brand with Kate Middleton!