Style Watch October 16, 2012

Posted on Oct 16, 2012 10:30am

Loved the return of @RitaWilson - what can you tell me about her 2 toned jacket she wore in court? Seems like I am seeing a lot of that look this fall. That jacket, which is actually a THREE - tone jacket, is made by Etro. I paired it with a black Valentino dress and a fantastic gold necklace by Giles and Brother. Indeed, color blocking seems to be everywhere this fall season and I think it works well for her look for the show. Rita is wonderful to work with and wonderful to dress. Her character, Viola, is just too audacious! It's great that she gets to wear such fun clothes. I didn't think you could put browns with blacks but Alicia looks amazing. How can you pull off that look? Of course you can put browns and blacks together! You just have to be sure that the different hues and values are harmonious. FYI, I also love navy with gray, navy with brown, and brown with gray! I know! Crazy! In this episode, I had Alicia in a tan Moschino jacket with a wide, open neckline. I layered a black Armani long sleeved top underneath to help "frame" or set off the Moschino jacket. I thought the neckline on the jacket was very reminiscent of some of Audrey Hepburn's looks from the late 50's. With Peter knee deep in this election have you been dressing him differently? Since Peter is a candidate running for the governorship of Illinois, he dresses as many politicians dress - not too conservatively and not too nattily. This year Peter is wearing Corneliani suits that are custom made for him. His suits run the range from navy solid to navy pinstripe! Wow! We do use gray and gray pinstripe as well, making sure that the pinstripes are never too loud. He wears a classic Brooks Brothers dress shirt in either white or light blue. His ties have been more solid this season than striped as in the past, although he does do a striped one every now and then. I think his look reflects a desire to be straight forward and trustworthy - a candidate one can depend upon to help his constituency through these difficult times. I realize you can't really change up a judge's robe but do you do anything to give those characters, well character. Yes we do! I really think about their ties and shirts. For the female judges, earrings are important. I basically only have a small bit of a collar that shows, so I try to use color and texture as efficiently as I can to help establish a judge's look. As Grace and Zach are growing how have you evolved their wardrobe Grace and Zach's wardrobe has definitely evolved over the seasons. Since they both play characters younger than they are, I wanted to make sure they dressed younger. They have always maintained a bit of a classic look to their style, although once they had lived in Chicago for a little bit, I tried to make looks feel more "urban" than "suburban". Of course, now they are in private school, so they wear school uniforms on weekdays. This season, we have dressed Zach a little more maturely. He'll be going to college soon and we wanted to have him look a little more responsible. Again, they are classic at heart with a few trendy pieces thrown in for good measure! Did you have a favorite outfit this episode? Yup! I loved the teal blue Dior dress and jacket Alicia wore in her first change in the episode. So elegant! So beautiful! The dress and jacket are made of silk brocade. I pulled the waist in especially tightly on the jacket to help the peplum kick and really sell the silhouette. And, of course, the color was just fantastic on Julianna.