Style Watch November 18, 2011

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 09:13am

­I'm curious, dunno why, but have you ever let anyone on the show use something they own for an episode? Like jewelry maybe?
That doesn't happen very often on this show although sometimes an actor will have just the right piece of jewelry to finish an outfit or wear their own wedding ring when a character is supposed to be married. I believe during the first season Christine Baranski (Diane) wore her own one of a kind vintage Givenchy leopard jacket for a scene. Once in a while a guest star will wear their own jeans or a cool t-shirt. And every once in a great while, an actor will request to wear their own shoes so that they are more comfortable than in a pair of new shoes.

Can you tell me who makes Alicia's black leather laptop bag?
That bag is by Longchamp. They have amazing pieces.

Alicia Red Jacket she wore, I remember specifically in a scene in Eli's office - what type of material is that? Looks comfy.

Very good taste!! That lipstick red jacket is a very high quality cashmere by Rena Lange. I believe it was purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue.

For scenes like jail do you just work with a company that actually manufacturer real prision jumpers? Yes and no! If the color and style I need are available from a prison supply company - like Bob Barker - I'll order from them. If not, then we go to whatever company fills the bill - Quartermaster (mail order), OK Uniforms (in NYC), or even Safety Direct (mail order). Sometimes a hospital supply will do the trick if we are looking for more of a scrub type uniform.

For the scene with Cary and Dana in the rain - I am guessing it was just rainning that day - how is the wardrobe changed or affected by weather Boy, did you get that right!! Rain it did! We had a head's up with the weather that day from the weather forecast and were able to make sure that everybody had coats and umbrellas. In this case, the actors were not to be seen dry and then go into the rain, which would mandate changing out their wet clothes for dry clothes for each take. Cary's leather dress shoes did get ruined in this scene and we had to replace them. Weather can definitely effect how actors are dressed. If it's suddenly cold or overly hot, I will have to alter my plan for what they were going to wear to help the actor be more comfortable in the scene. There is also the unplanned coat that would have to be added from time to time. We definitely keep our ears to weather forecast especially in the spring and fall months when the weather can be quite changeable.

Loved Diane's broach that she wore in this episode. Where can I get something similar?
That is a fantastic vintage piece that we bought from an antique store in Washington Depot, CT, called Grape In The Shade. Their phone number is 860-868-9119.