The Good Look November 21, 2012

Posted on Nov 21, 2012 09:50am

Back to the blog everyone! Things at The Good Wife have been hectic post Hurricane Sandy. Many of my crew who live in New Jersey, Westchester, and on Long Island have spent weeks without power but everyone has been here 24/7 to prep, shoot, and rebuild. We had some flooding on the stages which has been repaired and all is coming together. I am going to cover a few episodes here since I have many questions from all of you keen observers.

Please tell me more about Lana'a incredible looking bed and luxurious linens. Of course it was hard to keep my eyes off her and Kalinda... what a scene!

Lana's headboard is the Tansy Bed in cream micro suede from Charles P. Rodgers and it is extra high which makes for a beautiful piece that can take up an entire wall in a bedroom. The linens which worked so well because they are so lush are the Ivory Milos 1000 from Sferra and I got them at ABC Carpet and Home

Now that Cary and Alicia are sharing an office I keep seeing a wonderful painting of a staircase in the corner of the office. Can you tell me more about the artist and that piece in particular?

The artist of that piece is from Boston and her name is Glenda Tall. The piece in Alicia and Cary's office is Cuba Series #5 and you can purchase a giclee of the exact painting we have on set. See all of Glenda's work here.

In the scene behind Grace's school where she finds that bad boy, Conner they are in this interesting tunnel of greenery. Where did you shoot that scene?

Grace's school was shot at he W. B. Thompson Mansion, also known as Alder Manor. It a historic home located in Yonkers, NY. It is an early 20th century mansion designed by Carrere and Hastings in the Renaissance Revival architectural style. We used the red brick wall as a start for our tunnel of greens and constructed the rest with wild smilax flown here to NY from the swamps of Alabama. All the greens came from American Foliage. Call Gus at 212-741-5555

Please tell me more about the furnishings in Bishop's house. In particular the dining room chairs, table and the French Poster over his fireplace.

We shot that on location and brought truck loads of decor in to create a consistently elegant yet comfortable look. Many of the pieces I used were from Interlude Home. They only sell to the trade but if you have a decorator you can access their furniture at Many of Interlude's accessories are available as a part of The Good Wife Home Decor line which can be seen at The French poster is from Soicher Marin.

Still can't get enough of Kalinda's sleek minimalist apartment especially that white screen in the corner of her living room. What is the source for that beautiful piece?

Kalinda's screen is the white laquer Desmond style from the fantastic Jonathan Adler.

With the show consisting of so many political events and courtrooms I have noticed that you use flags and bunting in many sets. Are they considered props or set dressing?

Good question! Flags and bunting are set dressing unless an actor is carrying or touching a flag and then it is considered a prop. In our fourth season we have a huge collection in my set dressing shop but whenever I need something Ace Banner and Flag is my source for all things red, white, and blue and official.

Did you break real glass for the scene in Lockhart & Gardner?

No we never do that because it is always safety first on set. We use sugar glass (also called candy glass, edible glass, and breakaway glass) is a brittle transparent form of sugar used to simulate glass in movies, photographs and plays. It is much less likely to cause injuries than real glass, and it easily breaks convincingly, making it an excellent choice for stunts and special effects.