The Good Look May 17, 2011

Posted on May 17, 2011 10:46am

Thank you to all the fans of set decoration and my blog The Good Look of The Good Wife! Your response, emails and questions have been extremely inspiring. Looking forward to so much more in Season Three!

For this season's finale of The Good Wife we were presented with another set and location heavy episode that had a few more than the usual challenges as well as the pleasure of working with our show creator, Robert King on his directorial debut.

Reflected in the set decoration were signs of the Florrick Campaign Headquarters being dismantled post celebration of Peter's win as State's Attorney. We dressed a storage room in the courthouse set for the Peter and Will scene and gave our reoccurring judge, Jane Alexander a chamber that reflected a well traveled character that had a bit of a hippy side. The set dressing included a tea set, a bowl of carob chips on her desk, and a number of decorative items from Tibet.

Back at Sophia's office we added a new area that had computer graphics with evidence analyzing programs. We created the Lockhart & Gardner mail room which is the kind of set I work hard to create a "top layer of life" for – this one had dressing we acquired from an actual mailroom along with a massive amount of paperwork we created specifically for the room.

The Italian restaurant where Owen and the kids ran into Jackie was actually a steak house that we completely transformed with red check tablecloths, oil paintings of Italy, and lighting fixtures with red lampshades. When we added the breadsticks and red carnations on the table the place came alive.

Our drug rehab center included a room and bathroom that was purposely kept minimal in it's dressing. The meeting room where Wil spoke with his client was also minimal but upscale enough to be a part of our courthouse world.

The hotel room where we see Kalinda and Sophia was built on stage. We used lush fabrics and a palette of lavender, grey, and copper to compliment skin tones –and of course in that scene we saw a lot of skin!

The hotel where we see Alicia and Will was shot at two different locations. The hotel bar where we added lighting and flowers was shot at a location across the street from the hotel where we shot the lobby, registration, and of course the now famous elevator and hallway that leads to the $7800.00 a night suite. We built the door to the suite and the sliver of what you see as they enter as well as the actual elevator cab. Just reminding everyone to read down on the blog – many of the questions you ask especially regarding the standing sets of Alicia's apartment, the Lockhart & Gardner law office and the courtroom can be found if you look further at older entries.

My husband and I watch 'The Good Wife' every week - - we love this TV program. Also love your decorating skills. I have been very attracted to the Oriental rug in Diana's office. Never in a million years did I think that I could find out information about this rug - - where can it be purchased (if possible), sizes, purchase price, etc. But it dawned on me today that maybe there was a slim chance that the INTERNET could help me. Therefore - this message to you.
The rug is 9x12 and an oriental with beige, some light blue and terra cotta coloring. What makes it stand out is that it has some strong black lines in the pattern. When I was dressing Diane's office it started to become apparent that her glass desk needed to be grounded with more than the wall to wall carpeting. I ran over to the local Home Depot that was having a rug tent sale and went through about fifty rugs when I can across that one. Try your local Home Depot especially when they have these tent sales or look online at Safavieh or Home Goods

I feel like I should ask you about linens and pillows in that scene with Kalinda and Sophia in the hotel room but I couldn't focus, sorry lol!
Although much of the focus was on the bed an entire hotel room was created for the scene which started with a built in headboard with a fantastic cut velvet fabric in lavender and brown that I got at Wolf Home I also found some great silk pillows there and had them make a beautiful box pleat bed skirt in copper silk for me.

Well done with all the Successories posters in tonight's episode. I literally couldn't stop laughing.
I was so pleased they were willing to clear the posters for usage on the rehab set. It was a touch of reality that I wanted to include. Successiories posters and many other products can be found at

Loved the finale! Are we ever going to see the inside of the $7800 a night hotel suite?
That is the $7800 question right now. More on that topic as soon as we start up prepping Season three!

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I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our beloved Julianna Margulies on her SAG award win. Her amazing generosity in recognizing my behind the scenes work with her shout out is a moment I will treasure always! It is an honor to be a part of The Good Wife team.