The Good Look April 27, 2012

Posted on Apr 27, 2012 06:57am

Many questions from viewers about the "Film Noir" imagery used in the painting featured in Lana's apartment. Considering all the action going on in that scene it is wonderful so many of you noticed!

The art was created by the late Norman Saunders, who painted for many pulp magazine covers. His son David allowed us to use his father's work and we blew up the image on canvas. You can learn more about the great Norman Saunders in a book written by his son at

When Kalinda walks into Lana's apartment there is an interesting mirror on the wall with multiple mirrors in it. Did you have that made for the set?
No I purchased it from cb2. It is called the Perspective Mirror. Originally I was going to use it in the apartment building hallway but we made some changes and kept things sparse since it was such an intense scene. The mirror's reflection helped light the set and cast great shadows.

In a quick glimpse of Will's hallway outside the elevator to his apartment I noticed some large metal scroll lamps. Can you tell me more about them?
Those two lamps as well as many of the more masculine iron accessories that I used in Will's apartment are from Restoration Hardware. Check out the Greek Key Baluster Table Lamp and the 19thC. Iron Bell Clapper Buffet Lamp as well as the Lathe Wheel, Tractor Wheel Gear, and the Fishing Weights. Everything has a fantastic rust colored patina and worked reall well in the loft with the exposed brick.

There are certainly many courtrooms you have to do for the show. How does the decision get made what each one will look like and what style it is?
I always take all cues from the script and then attempt to not repeat looks. Our standing set courtroom is modern and the look of many sets around it such as Judges Chambers and the State's Attorney's Office are dressed to continue in that same style and feel. The standing set has also been retro fitted often and different courtrooms have been built within it or a section of it redone. In addition there are courtrooms shot on location. Usually those are created in an older wood paneled room and dressed with more traditional furnishings like the recent Court Of Inquiry. Having done the brown, black, and burgundy leather seating in the past this time I went with dark green. In all of these courtroom set-ups drapes, lighting, flags, and portraits are included in the set decoration.

How much goes into shooting all of the bar scenes in the show?
There are a number of specific bars on location in Brooklyn close to our stages that we shoot in often. Each one has its issue from a set decoration point of view. The biggest issue is covering mirrors. Often that is done with fabric covered panels that my crew dresses in and out of location. I also do specific flowers for each bar and again the script dictates the need. In the episode "Wrongful Conviction" Alicia offers Kalinda the bar stool next to her. The stools at that location are metal and extremely heavy so we changed them to something that would turn more easily.