The Good Look October 5, 2012

Posted on Oct 5, 2012 02:00pm

Welcome back to The Good Look Of The Good Wife. Hard to believe it is Season Four but I can promise some of the best scripts ever as well as TGW Home Decor Line so you can start to live like your favorite character!
First to answer your questions about TGW Home Decor Line:
The furniture line consists of Will's Chair, Kalinda's Chair, Carey's Chair, Alicia's Sofa, and Diane's Sofa, Conversation Chair, Guest Chair and Desk. Some pieces have been featured in previous seasons and some are new to season four. They are all available at all Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams stores across the country, online at as well as Read my interview with Mitchell and Bob in their latest catalog or on their website.
The accessories and lighting line from Interlude home features twenty three items that are familiar favorites such as Eli Gold's Chinese Zodiac Figurines to new items I have recently dressed into the set such as the Trefoil Knot Sculpture. The entire line is available at
Working with both Mithchell Gold + Bob Williams and Interlude Home has been thrilling and all started with inspiration from you - the fans!
Now to the season premiere:
1. Does Alicia have two offices now? Cause there is one where she talks with Will and another where she met with Nick and Carey?
No, Alicia has her same office but because of Lockhart & Gardiner's financial troubles she is sharing with Carey. This has affected the entire firm and you will see it reflected in the set decoration in numerous upcoming episodes. Let's hope Clark Hayden (Nathan Lane) doesn't do too much cost cutting to the decor!
2. Where is Kalinda's fab bedside table lamp from?
Kalinda's lamp as well as some other sleek and modern items I got for her apartment are from a store in Soho called Property. Check out their collection of unusual pieces at
3. In Zach's bedroom there are some amazing photos of skate boarders. Where can I find them or the photographer who shot them?
I agree they are amazing. They are taken by a friend of mine who works in the film business. You can see more skate boarders and other subjects at
4. Wow it never occurred to me an elevator needs to be worked on?
As a set decorator I am responsible for many things that are not necessarily considered decor. In an elevator I provide the call buttons, the flooring, the elevator track and lighting.
5. Was that actually a real bus or a set that I saw Peter Florrick and Eli Gold in?
The Campaign Bus is one of our new sets/locations for season four. It is an actual bus that we have retro fitted with new furniture, window treatments, lighting and campaign dressing. In case you are wondering about my vote my car bumper sticker says "Florrick For Governor."

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