The Good Look October 15, 2012

Posted on Oct 15, 2012 09:00am

Amidst staff and budget cuts at Lockhart & Gardner, Will tries to help the firm by turning down a low settlement offer in his first case back from suspension. Meanwhile, Alicia unexpectedly aids Peter's campaign – all in our second episode of the season, "And The Law Won". This week all questions and comments come from twitter. @GoodWifeSetDec has given me an amazing opportunity to interact with fans and I see you have all become keen observers. Follow TGW cast who are on twitter Josh Charles@MrJoshCharles - Alan Cumming@AlanCumming - Graham Philips @GrahamPhillips Looks like you guys actually filmed inside a bus or it was the best visual effects from car windows I have ever seen on television. Kudos! Yes that scene and others in upcoming episodes are filmed on an actually bus that we have done an overhaul on. Each time we shoot the bus we redress it with chairs, curtains, lighting, campaign paperwork, and that top layer to add the lived in on the campaign trail look. The challenge this time was for the last shot of the episode where we see Peter and Alicia together. After much discussion I had a sofa custom made to fit the space in a fabric that worked with the other furnishings. We had it made in pieces which allowed us to get it in the small door of the bus and helps when we are shooting close ups. What did Kalinda's husband knock off the table in the law office? Nick swept a sculpture right off a credenza. We have that sculpture on the set made of marble which usually sits on a pedistal in the hallway. Our scenic artists made a reproduction out of much lighter material and gave us multiples so we were prepared for numerous takes and caused as little damage to the set as possible. Another Judge's Chambers? Soon you will have more than elevators! What was your thought process behind that one? Judge's Chambers are most definately in my top five of most dressed sets. When I get a script that includes one I decide based on the character and gender how to proceed. We keep each office in the style of our modern courthouse and the main layout and furnishings stay similar from one to the next unless there is a lot of action in the Chambers or numerous cast members who need seating. It is all in the details, artwork and top layer that each Judge's character is developed. Loving the line at Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams being used on set. Fun to see the different ways the pieces can be installed! Show setting the mood! Sets dictate the trend! Congrats! Thank you! Much more to come in Season 4. We are working hard but having a great time with amazing scripts. Stay tuned!