Season 2: Episode 20 - Red All Over

Red All Over: The team investigates the death of a CEO of a media company. Xander Harrington Jr., newly announced CEO of Harrington Media, was stabbed in the neck and killed with a letter opener at his celebration party. Xander Harrington Sr., aka, Alex, was the previous CEO, but his son staged a coup forcing him out. The investigation within the family gets underway with Xander’s wife Sadie’s assistant, Ashley. She is linked to a religious cult, Visualize, which the Harrington family published a critical article about. Through the cult’s influence, Ashley plants a bomb in the house, but Lisbon is able to diffuse it. Jane become suspicious of Alex and his daughter Ella and realizes that she’s not his daughter. Alex’s other son, Eddie, had an affair with Alex’s wife Meredith and is Ella’s real father. Alex mistakenly accused Xander of the affair, but Xander, knowing the details through his close friendship with Meredith, only confessed to knowing that Ella wasn’t Alex’s and the miscommunication drove Alex to kill Xander.