Season 2: Episode 22 - Red Letter

Red Letter: CBI investigates the murder of a charismatic head of a non profit organization which fights human trafficking. Hector Brava, who runs an organization called Freedom Trails, was killed just before he was going to deliver his keynote speech at the Global Human Rights Conference. Kristina Frye is helping the police with their investigation much to Jane’s chagrin. Cho and Rigsby interview Russell Bigelow, a researcher working with Hector. He has Hector’s speech that would have exposed The World Anti-Trafficking Coalition as a front for an actual human trafficking group building itself a monopoly. When Jane discovers that Hector was being set up with call girls by Russell, he figures out the murder. Jane and Kristina hold a fake séance to trap the killer. Russell had a women pretend to be Hector’s daughter, after receiving a letter from Hector’s actual daughter’s mother describing the details of their relationship only Hector would know. With the imposter posing as Hector’s daughter, Carmen Reys, Russell tricked Hector into thinking that he’d had sex with his own daughter. When the real Carmen Reys, visited him, he figured out Russell’s scheme to blackmail him, so Russell killed Hector.