Season 2: Episode 23 - Red Sky In The Morning

Red Sky In The Morning: Jane is sitting down to lunch with psychic Kristina Frye when he receives a call from Van Pelt that he must come in to see a video she received from an anonymous sender showing a murder in the style of Red John. The victim in the video, Marley Sparrow, was found by her college roommate in the Bay Area. After a look at the crime scene, Jane sees that it wasn’t Red John. Kristina Frye reaches out to Red John on TV and soon after, the woman that interviewed her, Jackie Sandoval, is murdered by Red John. Under watch by the CBI and state troopers, Kristina manages to sneak out of her house. Jane follows a lead in the Marley Sparrow case that takes him to San Joaquin Valley where he’s captured by Wesley Blankfein, the Red John copycat. As Wesley is about to stab Jane, Red John appears and shoots Wesley. Red John lets Jane know that his life is his and he only lives because it pleases him and with that he’s gone again.