Press Release Season 6 Look Ahead
Posted on Jul 29, 2013 03:15pm

It may only be July, but it's never too early to get caught up on where The Mentalist left off in May. And there's no time like the present for a sneak peek at some surprises coming up this fall.

SEASON FINALE: Jane narrowed down the Red John suspect list to seven, while Red John struck at a victim with links to Jane's past. Lorelei Martins left a DVD for Jane that confirmed the seven suspects – Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Raymond Haffner, Reede Smith, Bob Kirkland, Sheriff Thomas McAllister and Brett Partridge – and told Jane that Red John was going to start killing again until Jane catches him – or until he catches Jane.

NEW SEASON: Jane and Lisbon are hot on the trail of Red John but will disagree on how to handle the hunt, which will result in one less Red John suspect by the end of the season premiere episode. Also, Red John's identity will be revealed by the end of this calendar year.