FBI Profile Dennis Abbott
Posted on Dec 9, 2013 02:00pm

Dennis Abbott

FBI Supervisory Agent Dennis Abbott has always been a Texas lawman at heart. Born and raised in the Longhorn state, Abbott grew up a protector. His mother and father, at an early age, raised Abbott to think of others regardless of personal consequences. So after college, Abbott joined the FBI to help as many people as he could. He proved himself solving narcotics and arms cases along the Mexico border. While dangerous, it was worth it when the FBI rewarded him with his own team at the Austin office.

Abbott's years of experience taught him that a great leader was only as good as his team. To that end, he spent the last few years assembling a skilled team of investigators that were willing to bend the rules to protect the innocent. When his team was called in to investigate a massive conspiracy within the California Bureau of Investigation, Abbott met many good agents caught in bad circumstances. When the dust had settled, Abbott invited Kimball Cho, because of his skills and his relationship with Patrick Jane, to work with him in Austin.

But getting Jane and Lisbon to join his team took more work. Enlisting the help of his best agent, Kim Fischer, Abbott tracked down Jane first and soon Lisbon followed. Now he has assembled his perfect team and the real test begins. Will the FBI let him solve cases his way? Can he make Jane work on the big stage? Only time will tell.