Posted on Feb 15, 2017 06:20pm
Katherine Heigl Talks About Her New Son And The Premiere Of Doubt
The star of the new CBS drama visited The Talk to discuss some exciting developments in her life.

Katherine Heigl stopped by The Talk on Wednesday to chat about her role on the sexy new CBS drama, Doubt, and what life has been like since the birth of her son, Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr.

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Doubt, which premieres Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 10/9c on CBS and CBS All Access, follows defense attorney Sadie Ellis (Heigl), who falls for her client, Billy Brennan (Steven Pasquale), a charismatic pediatric surgeon accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend over two decades ago.

Despite her complicated love life, Heigl said Sadie is "an amazing, wonderful character."

"She's incredibly smart, she's incredibly ambitious, intelligent and confident, and really good at her job," Heigl said. "She's all the things that you wish and want to be. But, she's also flawed ... and has a very complicated backstory with her family and her mother, and that makes her even more juicy and fun to play."

But, Sadie isn't the only one experiencing major life changes.

Back in December 2016 , Heigl gave birth to a "very expressive" baby boy.

While she was initially nervous that being pregnant on set would throw a wrench in her career, Heigl said the Doubt team was "incredibly supportive, and gracious, and wonderful."

Watch the series premiere of Doubt on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 10/9c on CBS and CBS All Access.