The Talk Plays DNA Or No Way? With 23andMe The hosts learned more about DNA and shared results from their personal ancestry genetic analysis.
Posted on Jun 15, 2017 11:00am

Have you gotten in on the trend of genetic testing? It's the newest way to understand who you are and how your DNA could impact your health in the future.

To learn more about themselves, The Talk hosts played a game called "DNA Or No Way" and shared some of the results from their 23andMe Health + Ancestry Genetic Analysis.

23andMe analyzes your 23 pairs of chromosomes and gives an online genetic report based on your DNA.

It's so easy, too! They send you a kit, you spit into the tube, and mail the kit back. Then, they analyze your saliva and, six to eight weeks later, you receive more than 75 genetic reports uploaded to your online account.

23andMe can help you find out how your genes may influence your health, wellness, ancestry, and physical traits.

​You can even find out what percentage of your DNA comes from various regions around the world.

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