**This Information is for NEW YORK tapings ONLY**

Ticket Information

If you plan on being in the New York area and would like to attend a taping of THE TALK please follow the instructions below. The show tapes on Monday December 7th at 2:00 PM, Tuesday December 8th at 2:00 PM and 4:15 PM, and Wednesday December 9th at 2:00 PM and 4:15 PM; all times are Eastern Standard Time.

All requests for tickets are currently submitted online by filling out our TICKET REQUEST FORM. Please fill out the entire ticket request form properly (correct contact information, legal first and last name) and select only one date. Multiple entries will not be honored. Due to the high volume of ticket requests, the maximum amount is TWO (2) tickets per party. Any applications of more than 2 tickets will be disqualified. We'll do our best to honor the date that you requested; however we do not reschedule any reservations.

Once your ticket request form is submitted online, a live representative from our audience department will call you to book the tickets requested, if available. Please note that submitting a request DOES NOT confirm your ticket(s) to a taping. Tickets are only confirmed AFTER you have spoken directly with a live representative of the audience department. You will receive a written confirmation (via email) of your reservation. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR EMAIL US REGARDING QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR TICKET REQUEST AS YOUR REQUESTS WILL BECOME NULL AND VOID UPON DOING SO.

If you have applied for a date and have not heard from an Audience Department Representative, you may call for CANCELLATION OR STANDBY TICKETS (see "Standby Ticket Policy" below). Also, you may attend only one taping per week as a main ticket holder OR as a guest. When booking tickets, please make sure you and your guests' are not double booked within the same week. All reservations involved will have their tickets canceled without notification if the ticketholder and guest names appear more than once within the same calendar week (Monday-Thursday). As a result, please make sure you and your party communicate before applying for tickets to a taping. If you submit multiple entries, apply under different names, or we recognize you as a repeat guest, entrance into the taping and any future tapings will not be granted. To attend more than one taping during a calendar week, you may apply through our stand-by policy (see "Standby Ticket Policy" below).

If you are visiting us from out of the country, please email TheTalk- to make a request. Please include your name, where you are traveling from, your phone number(s), and the best time to contact you. Please note that this email address is ONLY to be used for people coming from out of the country. All other submissions will be deleted.

Standby Ticket Policy

Please call (818) 655-8255 the day prior to the taping you would like to attend between the hours of 3:00-3:30 pm ET (no earlier), and for a Monday taping please call the Friday before. You must ALWAYS speak with a live Audience representative in order to request these tickets, therefore any voicemails left on our line will NOT be valid. Please note, multiple phone calls from the same party and the same names will be considered a double booking and will be disqualified. For security purposes, the person calling must be the ticketholder and guests cannot call on each other's behalf.

In an effort to accommodate requests tickets, you will only be allowed to attend ONCE as a Standby guest during the week we are in New York. If you do are booked as Standby and do not get into the taping, you may try calling again for the next day.


"The Talk" tapes before a live studio audience at CBS Broadcast Center, 524 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. Please do not call the Broadcast Center if you have any inquiries, instead, please contact our Los Angeles offices at (818) 655-8255.


Entrance into the taping is based upon the order guests arrive, and guaranteed ONLY if your whole party is in line together by the arrival time stated in your PDF. Due to the nature of the process, you may not join the check in line or receive audience cards until your party is COMPLETE. Please be aware there may be some substantial standing in line before going through security and entering the studio. You're more than welcome to bring any items to assist those unable to stand for a long period of time, but please make sure these items are able to fit underneath the studio chairs. While waiting on the sidewalk, restroom facilities will not be available until you have completed the check-in process. For security purposes we require that the main ticket holder (the person who made the reservation) be present to attend the taping. If the ticket holder cannot be present, his or her guests will no longer be guaranteed and will be subject to standby seating if available. Please know that all efforts will be made to seat parties together; however we may be required to split your group up due to seating configurations.

Age Limit / Appearance Release Agreement All guests must be at least 16 years of age and show valid photo ID with proof of age in order to gain admittance. The only acceptable forms of identification are passport, driver's license, state ID, and Military ID. These forms of identification are to be used in conjunction with our Appearance Release Agreement, which you will be completing and signing once you arrive in the audience holding area and prior to entry in the studio. If you arrive on the day of the taping without proper identification, you will not be permitted into CBS Broadcast Center.

Show Policies Please limit all bags and purses and their contents to facilitate the security process. All bags and purses are subject to screening and search. Please note that you are not permitted to bring any audio or video recording devices (including cameras), sharp objects or mace/pepper spray into the studio. Cell phones with cameras are permitted in the studio, but must be completely turned off completely BEFORE entering the studio, and should remain off for the ENTIRE duration of the taping. All guests with a point-and-shoot camera or any other audio/video recording device will be denied entrance.

Parking While the studio does not have a designated parking lot, there are many other garages and subway / public transportation stops near the area. We suggest using an online source to find a solution that best suits your needs.

Individuals With Disabilities We are committed to making THE TALK equally accessible to persons with disabilities. If you or anyone in your party requires accommodation because of accessibility to attend the show, please let us know when you call to book your tickets or before the show date. We provide accessible seating (including companion seating) and other accommodations at all tapings to persons with disabilities.

The availability of accessible seating cannot be assured if the number of audience members requiring accessible seating on any given taping day exceeds the allotted number of seats. Accordingly, accessible seating may be reserved prior to the taping date by calling at 818-655- 8255. Reservations for accessible seating will be held and guaranteed until the scheduled arrival time (see "Seating/Line Check-In" above).

If you do not arrive by the scheduled arrival time, we can no longer hold your reservation for accessible seating and you will be placed on standby status. Any remaining, unreserved accessible seating will be available only on a first-come, first-served basis and may be released after 9:45 a.m. to standby guests who do not require such seating. Therefore, we highly recommend that you reserve an accessible seat in advance to ensure that you have checked in by the arrival time stated above.

Guests with service animals should call at 818-655-8255 before the taping date to ensure sufficient space for the service animal. Assistive listening devices are also available for all tapings.

Dress Code Dress code is UPSCALE business chic! Please dress as if you are going out to a fancy dinner. You may wear any color but please NO logos, shorts, baseball hats, or athletic attire. We encourage guests to wear dresses, or for bottoms you may wear dress pants, or slacks. Gentlemen are required to wear collared shirts such as button-downs but NO polos. Because everyone might be on camera at some point, it is important to adhere to these guidelines. Please be aware that the producer has the right to deny entrance to anyone dressed inappropriately in producer's sole discretion.

Changes / Cancellations Please respond to the e-mail in which you received your PDF ticket if you need to cancel or make any name changes to your reservation. The deadline is 2 pm ET the business day before your taping, and for a Monday taping, you must respond by the Friday before. Any changes made after 2 pm the business day before will NOT be valid.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Thank you for your participation and see you at the show!