Blog: Toys "R" Us Holiday Deals

Today, Toys "R" Us spokesperson and new mom, Adrienne O'Hara, stopped by THE TALK to share amazing Doorbuster Deals available only at Toys "R" Us. Read More

Exclusive News: This Season The Talk Tells All!

Hosts To Reveal Their Most Personal Secrets During The Week Of The Fourth Season Premiere, Starting Monday, September 9

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Aisha's Book Blog: Self-Inflicted Wounds - Part 5

(I)n college, I had not yet come to terms with my lack of dancing skills or with my utter lack of physical dexterity of any kind.

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Aisha's Book Blog: Self-Inflicted Wounds - Part 4

When my boobs came in, they came in fast and furious. There was no budding growth, no hint of décolleté.

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Talk That's Trending: Kelly Engaged, Royal Baby Born, Weiner & Summer Recipes!

From a family engagement to a royal birth announcement, it was cause to celebrate this week! On "The Talk" Mrs. O announced her daughter Kelly is engaged. 

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Aisha's Blog: Self-Inflicted Wounds - Part 3

There are no half measures in childhood. Everything is cataclysmic. For me, this extreme expression took many forms, but none so painful as the year I decided to dress like a ballerina. All the freaking time.

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Aisha's Book Blog: 'Self-Inflicted Wounds' - Part 2

(O)n this golden August day in my fifth year, I had been playing outside in my Oakland neighborhood with a dusty scrum of local kids in a completely unsupervised group, the way we used to in the good old days, before the Internet told parents that this was a terrible idea and likely to result in your child being abducted by aliens or devoured by wolves.

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Aisha's Book Blog: 'Self-Inflicted Wounds' Preview - Part 1

Comedians love a good story. So much so, in fact, that we will subject ourselves to any amount of self-torture and humiliation to get it.

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Blog: Sara's Book Review Part 6

Yes, Pets Can be Vegetarians 
Just because you share your home with a pet doesn’t mean you have to feed it canned meat. My girlfriend's dogs just moved in and we are gradually switching them to a vegan diet.

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Blog: Sara's Book Review Part 5

Hippie Household Cleansers
Now that it's summer time, I'm finally thinking about spring cleaning.

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