The Talk, Season 6: All The Celebs, Fun And Surprises You Can Expect

There's more to talk about starting Monday, September 14th when we kick of season 6 of The Talk!

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Watch Salma Hayek Belly Dance With Julie Chen

In case we needed another reason to love Salma Hayek, here's one more to add to the list— she's prepared for anything! On Friday, the star of Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet showed off her dancing skills and gave some pointers to the ladies of The Talk.

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5 Things To Keep You Cool This Summer

Love to shop? Find out all about how you can take advantage of all the great #FridayFinds seen on THE TALK today.

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Regina Hall Shares How A Bad First Date Ended In An Unexpected Romance

Most people would throw in the towel after a bad first date, but not Regina Hall. On Tuesday's The Talk, the actress explained that she can relate to her new film People, Places, Things because of a past experience. Get the full story!

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3 Mexican Recipes Brought To You By Susan Feniger

Susan Feniger, of Border Grill and Mud Hen Tavern, stopped by on Thursday with a delicious summertime meal that will take taco night to new heights.

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Nick Lachey so thankful his boy band days were pre-social media

While his peers might disagree, Nick Lachey couldn't be more thankful that social media was not around during his former boy band days. Find out why!

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3 Classic Southern-Inspired Recipes From John Seymour

Chef John Seymour made his first appearance on The Talk on Monday to promote his restaurant, Sweet Chick. Check out some of his delicious Southern-inspired recipes below!

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3 Signature Recipes From Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli, host of the new Food Network show Valerie's Home Cooking, stopped by on Friday to share her passion for food and entertaining with some simple and delicious dishes. See her recipes here!

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