Redo You: Reading with LeVar Burton

Posted on Jun 27, 2012 10:43am

Children's literacy is very dear to LeVar Burton's heart. Here are some tips for parents and educators to get their kids reading during the long summer months.


Your kids need to SEE you reading. Not only read TO your kids, read in FRONT of your kids, as well. It's a critical message parents don't always focus on.


Find out what your child likes and get books on that subject.  It can be comic books.  If your child likes comic books, buy them comic books.  It can be magazines.  In fact, the more reading material you have around the house, the better. The goal is just to get them reading and enjoying it.


A lot of parents are concerned about giving their kids an e-reader or putting another gadget in their hands.  But let's face it - that's where kids want to be these days!  When it was on TV, the "Reading Rainbow" mission was to use prevailing technology to get kids excited about reading.  Today it's all about the e-readers.


Libraries are and continue to be great resources for families.  It's summer, it's hot, and libraries are the coolest places around. Getting your first library card is still a rite of passage in this country.  The library also teaches kids about the responsibilities that come with borrowing something and taking it back.  They also learn about the consequences of what happens if you don't take back your books.  And for this generation, where kids always want to consume things on an unlimited basis, it's good for them to learn there are rules about how many books you can take out at one time.  Why?  Because you can only read so many books at a time!  So there are lots of lessons to be learned from the library. 

For more reading tips and information on the "Reading Rainbow" app, visit here.

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