Casting Corner News and Appearances

Posted on May 22, 2015 09:00am

Casting News

  • Christopher May appears as “Walt” on Monday 5/25 and Wednesday, 5/27
  • Amy Stewart appears as “Dr. Weston” on Tuesday, 5/26
  • Frank Runyeon appears as “Angel” on Thursday, 5/28 and Tuesday, 6/2
  • Philip Anthony-Rodriguez debuts as a cargo ship Captain on Friday, 5/29
  • Robert Gant appears as “David Sherman” on Monday, 6/1
  • Sofia Pernas debuts as “Marisa Sierras” on Monday, 6/1
  • Tess Munro appears as a “Mediator” on Monday, 6/1
  • Laura Niemi appears as “Dr. Green” on Monday, 6/1 and Wednesday, 6/3
  • Chris McKenna returns as “Detective Mark Harding” on Tuesday, 6/2
  • Andrew T. Lee appears as “Dr. Eilbaum” on Wednesday, 6/10
  • Patrick Cox appears as “The Muscle” (a bodyguard) on Monday, 6/22
  • Tracey Costello appears as an “OB/GYN” on Friday, 6/26
  • ​Leith Burke appears as a “Doctor” on Thursday, 7/1