Casting Corner News and Appearances

Posted on Jun 26, 2015 09:00am

Casting News

  • Leith Burke appears as a “Doctor” on Thursday, 7/1
  • Robert Gant appears as “David Sherman” on Wednesday, 7/8 and Friday, 7/10
  • Hal Perry appears as “Mr. Rittinsky” on Wednesday, 7/8
  • Lou Ferrigno, Jr. appears as a “Guard” on Tuesday, 7/14 and Wednesday, 7/15
  • Mike Rylander appears as “Guy Burke” on Friday, 717 and Monday, 7/20
  • Nicola Lambo appears as a “Reporter” on Friday, 7/17
  • Andy Martinez, Jr. appears as a “Police Officer” on Friday, 7/17
  • Tinuke Oyefule appears as a “Nurse” on Wednesday, 7/29