Episode 180 - Monday, 10th September 2001
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

The whole room awaits Phyllis answer, but she rushes out. Michael chases after her and points out that she is obviously in love with Jack. When Jack asks to speak with Phyllis privately, Phyllis tells Jack that it wont work between them because of her inability to have children. Jack asserts that he cant live without her, but Phyllis feels that he will become unfulfilled later in life. Jack says that if Phyllis can say she doesnt love him and doesnt want to marry him, he wont bother her again. She cant say it. When Jack asks her again to marry him, Phyllis says yes and Jack slides the ring back on her finger! Ashley tells John that she hopes he didnt run after Phyllis. John would rather discuss whats going on in Ashleys life. John assumes the distance between she and Brad is because of Colleen and wonders if Traci is aware of this. Traci understands Johns concern about Ashley, but wants to know what is so wrong with Colleen and Brad forming a bond. Unless Ashley voices her opposition, Traci and Colleen are staying put. Michael tells Isabella that he is shocked Paul brought her to the party. Lauren introduces herself to Isabella, who has never heard of Lauren before. Lauren finds this interesting since she is a former wife of Pauls. When Lauren notes that Isabella is just Pauls rebound from Christine, Isabella retorts that there is much more to their relationship. Paul learns from Victor that Christine had returned home for one last attempt to save their marriage. Paul cant understand why she cant forgive him, since he forgave her many years ago. Isabella tries to create a romantic evening for Paul, but he is distracted by Victors news. Sean wants Jill to admit that she doesnt want to give up on them, but Jill insists that he get out. When he finally leaves, Jill breaks into tears. Billy senses that Mac misses her father, who will be gone for a few more months. She cant figure out how her dad ever fell in love with her mom. Mac feels that her mom took advantage of her dad, but doesnt want to discuss it in depth. Billy decides to go check on the new developments with Jack and Phyllis. When the doorbell rings, Mac answers thinking that Billy forgot something. Mac is stunned to find Amanda!