Episode 10064 - Monday, December 31st, 2012
Episode 10064 - Monday, December 31st, 2012
Posted on Dec 31, 2012 03:00pm

Tucker takes Katherine to dinner at the Athletic Club. Katherine invites Victor to join them. Victor offers to buy Tucker’s shares of Newman Enterprises and Katherine thinks it will help mend fences. Later, Katherine wants Tucker to find a way to prove to Devon that he loves him.

Neil stuns his family and staff and admits that he was fired from Jabot. He informs Cane that he will be the new CEO. At the coffeehouse, Neil and Leslie discuss Jack’s problems and Neil admits he’s sober. Neil asks Leslie to spend New Year’s Eve together.

When Adam asks Jack why he fired everyone, Jack says they can’t be trusted. Adam tries to make Jack see that Victor is coming after him, but Jack decides that he can’t trust Adam either and he fires him.

Cane arrives and asks why Jack fired Neil. Jack denies any other problem and asks Cane if he can trust him to get Jabot back on top. Cane leaves as Jack pops some pills. Jack leaves a voicemail asking Ashley to come home. Kyle informs Jack that Ashley and Traci are not going to help him unless he agrees to get clean.

Tyler questions how Jabot will run under Cane. Lily thinks that Cane will do what’s best for Jabot. Later, Cane informs Lily that Jack wouldn’t consider rehiring Neil. Cane informs Tyler they won’t need his services anymore.

Daniel returns to Genoa City and informs Kevin that he is planning to relocate with Heather and Lucy. Kevin fills Daniel in on his plan to find the money before Alex does. When Daniel hears about Noah’s involvement, he asks Kevin to drop the plan.

Adam informs Victor their deal is still on if he leaves Sharon alone. Victor says he will handle things himself and that Adam should start packing up his office.