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Redaric Williams Interview

Posted on Dec 6, 2012 09:45am

Redaric Williams Joins Cast
The Young and the Restless welcomes Redaric Williams to the cast as Tyler Michaelson. Williams lands in Genoa City to shake things up. Look for Williams to begin airing on Friday, December 14. 

We sat down with Williams to discuss everything from landing this role to moving out to Los Angeles. Check out the interview below to learn more about the latest addition to the Y&R family! 

On landing this role…
I was out of the country doing some filming in Cape Town, South Africa [when] I was contacted by my manager to come back for a screen test. And then, following that, everything just happened really quickly.

On character…
I [liked] the fact that he was a street-smart guy. He came up with a street mentality, [which] gives him a well-rounded aspect. I can kind of go different places with the character. There's a lot of freedom with his personality. [There's not] one set direction. You don't know what he is going to do. He's a real live wire.

As far as taking a direction, there's not a set path that you have to follow. I think that is what I liked about it. It will be fun.

He's coming on for a job, seeking employment. [But] he's also got his eye on a character, a very focused eye.

When everything is said and done, he's a good guy with good intentions.

On the unexpected…
Everything moves very fast. It's like a machine. Everyone is on the same page. It's extremely professional. At the same time, I was surprised that everyone is down to earth and welcoming.

On settling in…
Kristoff St. John, who plays Neil Winters, took me through the ropes right away. This isn't my first time acting; I have a process I go through with the script and getting [comfortable] with all the different aspects that come into play. But doing something at this scale, The Young and the Restless, it's huge. For me it was just settling down and staying in the moment. Staying present. He definitely helped just walking me through advice as far as things like that go.

On family familiarity to Y&R…
My family has been watching for years now. I was never an avid watcher of the show. But I'm very familiar with it.

Soaps are a part of American culture. Being on the set and seeing everybody… It's all the familiar faces that I've seen [over the years]. My mother is a fan. My sister is a fan. They're thrilled.

On first day of shooting…
I'm a pretty cool guy for the most part, but I definitely had some nerves that were building up. But it was good to get that water under the bridge. It was pretty straightforward. It happens so smoothly. It's a very, very, very efficient set the way they operate… It's like a machine.

On shooting pace…
These guys move quickly. And there's no playback. It's onwards and upwards. But I like it. It is a good adjustment.

On moving to L.A. just prior to Hurricane Sandy…
It was bittersweet. I left just in the knick of time. I lived in Manhattan for years and when I was leaving, my flight was actually cancelled because of the storm. I had to take a bus down to Philadelphia. And then fly out from Philly.

Everyone that I was close with pulled through. But it was pretty bad. I was constantly getting photos sent to my phone. It was a good feeling to get out here, but like I said it was bittersweet because I had friends out there dealing with that. Meanwhile, I'm out here with this new good experience and opportunity in my life.

On what you should know about Redaric…
I'm extremely dedicated to what I'm doing, so I'm not going anywhere.