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Max Ehrich Interview

Posted on Jun 8, 2012 06:04pm

Max Ehrich Joins Cast
The Young and the Restless welcomes Max Ehrich to the cast as Fenmore "Fen" Baldwin.  Ehrich has recently appeared on iCarly and High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Look for Ehrich to begin airing Monday, June 11th. 

We sat down with Ehrich to discuss everything from landing this role to the prospect of taping a musical-themed episode. Check out the interview below to learn more about the latests addition to the Y&R family! 

On landing this role…

"I got the audition and I was really excited because this is actually my grandpa's favorite, favorite show in the world. So… when I had the audition, I right away told him that I was going in for it. And he was just ecstatic that I was going in to read for it." 

"Everything was top secret as who I was going in for and everything. …It felt like a big mystery, but I went in and it was a really long process. I had about three callbacks. My final callback I worked with Christian LeBlanc (Michael), who plays my father on the show. It was a crazy process."

On grandpa's reaction…
"He screamed. He literally screamed on the phone, which he doesn't do too often."

On watching the show…
"Every time I'd go over to my grandpa's house, I'd watch it with him. …I really like watching juicy drama, and this show always has some juicy drama especially with Daisy ( Yvonne Zima) and my mom [Lauren Baldwin] (Tracey Bregman). …I'm excited to see what happens with everything."

On playing this character…
"…There [are] so many places where they can go with this role. I have just gotten back into Genoa City. It's such a vulnerable age, so really there [are] so many different paths I can go down. And there's so much that can happen. …I'm very, very curious to see where they go with it."

On meeting TV mom, Tracey Bregman…
"She's awesome. [She] and Christian have really taken me under their wings. The first day Christian LeBlanc gave me a two and a half hour introduction all over the set. Right away we started bonding, and I could already feel there's a lot of chemistry between all of us."

"It's fun when you work with people [whom] you feel [a] genuine connection to, and [they are a] really talented group of actors."

On shooting pace...
"It is really different. I've worked on one-hour dramas and on film sets, and the difference being that you shoot an episode in a day. You do one take, maybe two takes of a scene." 

"It's like doing a theater show, which I just did ‘NEWSIES [The Musical]' in New York. I was just coming from doing a theater show, so I was used to [the pace]. But doing that on a set, doing one take, it's challenging. It keeps you on your toes, but it's exhilarating."

On taping a musical-themed episode…
"That would be awesome to have a musical episode. Oh man, please. That would be awesome. That would be so cool. Christian and I were talking about how we would love that."

On first day of filming…
"The first day of filming is like the first day of school. I was a bit nervous at first, but once I met my TV mom and dad, I kind of really felt at home. I mean, we were rehearsing lines in Christian's dressing room."

"It was nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time because you're the newcomer [and] all these people have worked together for so long. But everyone seemed to be so welcoming. It was definitely nice to see that."

On putting a band together…
"I have a band coming out. We're called The Social Networkk. This weekend I actually just filmed my first music video ever, which was crazy."

On playing a large role this summer…
"I am prepared for whatever is thrown my way. From the first day that I came on set, I [had] a feeling of ‘I could feel at home on this set.' So, I am definitely prepared for whatever they bring my way."

On a thumbnail sketch of character…
"He is definitely figuring himself out. …You're on the brink of adulthood. You have to start taking a bit of responsibility. [And] your hormones start kicking in hardcore. So he's definitely going through some stuff."